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Vietcong (641) Download Link to file
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Uploaded24.02.2009 05:43:51 / Solar
Downloads613 / 20.04.2024 18:48:20
DescriptionOK, I'm finally releasing this since I refuse to develop it any further. I'm releasing it without any documentation.

Main features include:

- Automatic server restart on all types of server/map crashes. Also supports crash logging.

- Automated server messages. You can have up to 2 different server messages on separate timers for displaying rules, announcements, etc.

- Automatic map changer; will change the map after x number of minutes of inactivity or remaining map time.

- Ability to run a 'whole team respawn' coop server using an external dedicated settings file.

After running VCDST for the first time, double click the tray icon and configure your server settings. Then, right click the tray icon and select 'Start Server'.


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29.08.2011 19:54:27 by The ACE
Great tool!
Thx m8

16.10.2011 21:50:14 by DIVX
great tool indeed , thanks

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