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Uploaded26.11.2008 22:45:44 / Jackson
Downloads1236 / 22.05.2024 01:17:00
DescriptionThis scenario is based upon the multiplayer 'Arroyo' map.

As a U.S. Air Mobile 'duster' flies low over the forest in the early morning mist, a shot from a VC sniper strikes the pilot. The Huey pitches forward, crashing through the trees, which is all that saves the U.S. team from death. Although stunned by the crash, they must quickly regroup and repel any VC forces if they are to avoid being taken prisoner.

Credits: This was presented in its tested form on 31.07.08; all credit to Toni Rios for the work involved in producing this map.

COOP(6), ATG(30), CTF(24), DM (30)


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