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Alpha Team [AT]
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Size17371 KB
Uploaded25.04.2008 21:00:22 / AT
Downloads1317 / 23.06.2024 23:31:20
Coop map for VC1 created by Vaclav, Alpha Team,

This is a remake of EPIDEMIETown map. Original map is very interesting but it is without coop mode. I have thought this map also would deserve coop mode.

10 players
53 VCs

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25.04.2008 23:44:52 by Ho Nang Tsu
Gj Bob nice one ;)

26.04.2008 09:37:06 by Peter Shannon
Ho Nang Tsu, Bob only uploaded this map on web. This map was created by Vaclav. It is his first coop map and I think it is very good.

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