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Alpha Team [AT]
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Uploaded22.03.2008 17:32:29 / AT
Downloads1300 / 19.05.2024 14:10:49
Coop map for VC1 created by Bob, Alpha Team,

A small port and urban streets. Chilly morning. And agile VCs.
Your team is coming in secret by merchant ship. At first you have to annex the port and then eliminate enemy VCs in the town. There are some AA guns reputedly in the area. VCs mustn't use them during our planned tomorrow's operation!!!!

16 players
46 VCs

Comments (3) Add comment

22.03.2008 22:53:41 by Dominik
61 mb map, uff :P

23.03.2008 16:49:36 by Paula
i had a chat with the mapper: he told me that this version is just a beta. i tried the map and like the idea of it. but it needs some changes cause its way to easy. also more gooks would be nice. the blue trucks lookin weird. a respawnscript for the vc would be usefull as well cause the map is realy huge. cant wait to see the final version, go ahead!

24.03.2008 22:01:06 by *LFW* Ho Nang Tsu
Yes map is very good but more vc(harder and few sandbags bunkers;)

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