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Map packs
FilenameMapPack-VET.7z.torrent (576) Download Link to file
Size37 KB
Uploaded02.03.2008 11:22:04 / Don Turtuma
Downloads1336 / 14.04.2024 08:27:45
DescriptionAll VET maps in a one huge torrent file!

The file contains all VET maps released up to 2008-03-01, 70 maps with total size of 936MB.

You should keep seeding at least until your share ratio is 1:1!

Comments (12) Add comment

07.03.2008 04:10:02 by Chavez_US
Thank you Don T. This is greatly appreciated!!!

Rick (Chavez_US)

17.03.2008 20:27:52 by TC.Adam
Thanks Don. Just started playing VC again and its taking ages to download all the maps again. Handy to all VET maps in 1 torrent.

21.03.2008 09:44:17 by Kasimir_[HH]
Its really nice to see that this great game still gets played. Although I now have more problems with the game than back in my more active VC days. I'm getting kicked or accused of cheating (maybe because I started Rising Sun?) and a lot of maps are missing (do I have to complete the game in single player first to play the maps in Coop?). I've extracted a lot of maps already that I have here on a CD from my old days. But it seems I still have to download a lot more maps- and this map pack should be a big help!

Great to see someone from Team Coop here as well (Heya Adam! ;-))! I used to be a TC member myself, going by the name TC.Janusz11 back than. Bobby or anyone else still active?

Looking forward to some great Coop with you lot again!

21.03.2008 14:05:17 by Assassin
Hello Kasimir,

Yes the kicks might be because of Rising Sun and the missing maps are maybe because you don't have Fist Alpha?

21.03.2008 17:03:13 by Kasimir_[HH]
Thanks Assassin! Yes, I have Fist Alpha installed. Still, some coop maps like Bridge or Jarai Village seem to be missing.

Btw., when I wrote Rising Sun, I actually meant Pterodon's own made add-on Red Dawn. I started the latter and tried to join a coop server with the above mentioned maps and was told the maps are missing (and was accused cheating...).

22.03.2008 15:45:10 by Assassin
The kicking might still be because of Red Dawn, Rising Sun, Strike Force or any other mod that isn't Fist Alpha
About the missing maps..
I'm not aware that you have to unlock the maps from SP to play them in MP, maybe a reinstall of Fist Alpha would fix it?
Good luck

27.03.2008 21:34:17 by TC.Adam
Hey Janusz, Long time!

I had the same problem with the game crashing and it was because of Red Dawn. Uninstall it and all VC stuff and start again. Worked for me!

PS. Havent seen any of the TC guys for about a year now. They've all moved on to ArmA as far as I know.

06.04.2008 20:29:16 by ypin
thanks to this mappack good play good kill

06.04.2008 20:30:38 by ypin
and thx to finland

22.03.2010 23:16:33 by Sgt. Steiner
Please host it again, would be a shame if this torrent was dead...

22.03.2010 23:42:40 by Sgt. Steiner
Thanks a million to the lone Finn, who still keeps this torrent alive!

04.03.2016 15:18:28 by Adam
Anyone able to re-host this map pack? I would greatly appreciate it.

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