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Filenamedxtex.rar (541) Download Link to file
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Uploaded27.08.2007 23:01:16 / Chavez
Downloads1235 / 12.05.2024 14:20:19
DescriptionDxTex tool

This tool is useful when you work with a texture .dds in photshop. For some reason the mipmaps are changed resulting in textures which stay in focus from all distances. For instance, a smooth texture located next to an over-pixelated texturte. This tool will help you get back the smooth appearance it had before you altered the origional .dds image in photoshop.

Once the DxTex tool is open and running do these following steps:
1. Select File open (locate your .dds image)
2. Select Format --> Change Surface Format
3. Select A8 R8 G8 B8 from the list
4. Save

Now you can rebuild texdb and reopen your scene...whalla! Smooth like the others :)

Rick (Chavez_US)


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