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Map packs
FilenameTRmappack.rar (525) Download Link to file
Size34127 KB
Uploaded05.03.2007 11:42:48 / Blazon
Downloads1571 / 27.03.2024 21:13:29
Description1st TR Mappack with the final Versions include!
maps included:
TR-Deadzone with handmap fix!

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18.12.2017 06:06:55 by Rocky
Ive downloaded TR-NVA specifically because it was taking a while to download the map while I was on the server. So I went ahead and installed it and extracted it to a Vietcong folder. for some reason it doesent seemed to have changed anything, still wants to download the map. is this normal?

20.12.2017 16:42:08 by Intruder
If your game still wants to download the map, it's probably because you installed the map's files in the wrong folder. Be sure to copy the 2 files (.dat and .cbf) in the maps folder of your main Vietcong directory.

21.12.2017 01:42:59 by Rocky
Its in the correct folder, it only download in the game still as I haven't played that map yet. Once I do it loads the maps rapid.

24.01.2018 22:12:17 by sonic
Sometimes it happnes when you are downloading map which uses some fist alpha stuff and you have vanilla Vietcong 1.60 - it keeps downloading forever. Try run your game with Fist Alpha addon.

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