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Vietcong 2 (488) Download Link to file
Size17394 KB
Uploaded16.10.2006 18:32:08 / Osmo
Downloads869 / 18.01.2022 17:28:56
DescriptionVietcong 2 Editor v1.1 + Extras

Package includes:
- Vietcong 2 Editor Release 1.1
- Vietcong 2 3DStudioMax Plugins
- Wasteland - StarterMap
- Game Mode Template Scripts

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02.06.2016 20:22:26 by Melber
Thank you Please do not delete!

20.02.2018 01:20:30 by CONAN
can anyone tell me how to install the editor correctely and if there is a fix to the bug where when i load the editor i cant see any options in the starting menu


25.02.2018 14:40:40 by Intruder
Sorry but I know nothing about the VC2 Editor. The only advise I can give is to have a look in the Maps & Mapping section of the's forum.

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