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FilenameVET_Tomb.rar (476) Download Link to file
Size27450 KB
Uploaded09.09.2006 10:01:41 / Chavez
Downloads1273 / 30.04.2024 19:33:15

12 US_Coop versus 51 VC
32 US_CTF versus 32 VC_CTF

Coop description:

You have been chosen to be part of a 12 man special forces team. Your Mission is to do a recon on a temple deep in the jungle. A truck will carry your team so a certain rendezvous. You must continue, by foot, the rest of the way. Good Luck!

Compliments of VETMET (Vietnam Elite Teamwork Map Editing Team)

*This map is from the VC2 game. It was intercepted, retextured, repopulated, and scripted with a deadly crew of VC...we know you'll enjoy this one. Compliments of SAS OZ, one of the VETMET mapping editors...


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09.09.2006 10:35:35 by SAS-OZ
Actually there are 16 per side on CTF. Not 32 x 32 as Chavez states.

Last updated 20.3.2004 12:39:44 / Don Turtuma