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FilenameAGU_BIGVALLEY.rar (431) Download Link to file
Size2643 KB
Uploaded28.06.2006 18:36:22 / Osmo
Downloads1924 / 21.05.2024 20:07:42
Description10 Player Co-op map
50 VC 4 Civilians

An urgent radio message has come through. One of our returning choppers has been hit by AA fire and has gone down. There are survivors, and their extraction from a very hot zone is required immediately. They are hold up in some houses close to the chopper. Be warned this area is extremely active, and has been under heavy air attack. This has been stopped so you and your Team of Elite soldiers can get in there... Good Luck.


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28.10.2006 16:31:50 by Dirty Harry
why some maps are not working??
i download the maps her,i copy the map
in vietcong maps folder and is my game not working.
what is this?? help help help

05.09.2008 20:04:36 by Shogo
You need 1.60 patch.

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