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Filenamelaokai_optimized.rar (420) Download Link to file
Size40930 KB
Uploaded28.04.2006 16:27:54 / Don Turtuma
Downloads815 / 28.09.2023 00:25:46
DescriptionAn optimized version of LaoKai by Tocra with more stability, more dummys and few details added to make the map even better.
VC 2 objects and jungle , Chavezs deadly snake. etc...
This is a hard coop made by Tocra & guiyom (Baldi).

File reuploaded due to a corrupt archive.

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09.01.2007 21:12:07 by Maradona
a jewel kid!

09.01.2007 21:12:50 by DIVX
got to be on my hdd!

09.01.2007 21:14:25 by Frenchy
What the point of updating laokay final? just to change Baldi's crew banner after an argument , sounds like suckers!

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