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FilenameVET_NUIPEK.rar (414) Download Link to file
Size10046 KB
Uploaded10.04.2006 01:05:21 / Chavez
Downloads1245 / 17.05.2020 01:10:11
DescriptionThe long awaited VET_NuiPek...

After three days of viscious attacks on Nuipek the VC are just about to overrun the firebase. Your Elite team of 10 US Soldiers need to hold on as long as you can. Mission is to defend this strategic firebase. Good luck and keep your head down...

10 US elite soldiers versus 52 Vietcong

Compliments of Vietnam Elite Teamwork Map Editing Team (VETMET)

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10.04.2006 12:54:16 by [CSSF] Kyle
i cant make server with this map because it wont load it and it kick me out of the vietcong game.. What should i do?

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