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Vietcong 2
FilenameTMG_Stunt_N_Fun_A2.rar (398) Download Link to file
Size7031 KB
Uploaded13.03.2006 18:07:35 / Tommy Bonez
Downloads646 / 04.02.2019 18:58:39
DescriptionTMG-Sunt N Fun mod alpha 2 for VC2

Install and play Instructions inside

Changes :

All Game Modes :

VC - Civilian look
US - Semi Millitia look (+Priest)

US none Headgear is possible
Some changed textures for US Headgear

US added more Voices (now 18)
also changed some voice commands

More Blood

Stamina raised to 500

Added Wine Glass as forced weapon (like knife)

Changed US Jeep to Pink Cadillac
Changed VC Jeep to Blue Pick Up
Changed VC Tank to Ontos Tank

Known Vehicle issues :

Vehicles dont work on Checkpoint Coop
The Cadillac only got 1st person view and is undestroyable
Also when you drive against the sun in the Cadillac the view is "strange"
The Ontos Gunner and MG view is "strange"


Assault , Coop and CTF changes :

US and VC Comando are now Killer Babes
Choose US Head 15 or VC Head 18 to properly play this class !!

Weapon Changes :
All US Pistols to choose from in player menu
All VC Pistols to choose from in player menu
All US Classes got Trombone
All VC Classes got Trombone
All US Classes got Claymores except Sniper , he got Traps
All VC Classes got Claymores except Sniper , he got Traps

US Infantry added RPG7
VC Fighter added RPG7
US Eng added M16XM148
VC Eng added RPG7
US Medic , no medic helmet , added M79
VC Medic , no medic helmet , added RPG7
US Gunner added RPG7
VC Gunner added RPG7
US Marine added XM 177
VC Soldier added STG44
US Radio added M79
VC Radio added RPG7
US Sniper added RPG7 and Smoke Nades
VC Sniper added RPG7 and Smoke Nades
US Killer Babe added M60
VC Killer Babe added Dektarev


DM and TDM changes :

NO Killer Babes !!!!!!!!!!!


...maybe I forgot some things ...?:D


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