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Vietcong 2 (376) Download Link to file
Size1146 KB
Uploaded14.01.2006 16:17:38 / Tommy Bonez
Downloads1908 / 08.06.2024 15:28:38
DescriptionVC 2 Girl Mod
made by John Hannibal Smith

Changes :
-play as girls
-a little more blood
-changed some of the class and weapon properties

You can only play on servers using the mod.
or you can host your own

Install instructions inside

enjoy ... I did :D

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13.05.2006 22:14:31 by -rF- Jäger
is a good Addons can you make mor then addons we will do it the next time i think 2 Days at the Reborn Fighters Serrver Thx -rF- !!

06.08.2006 01:29:49 by help me plz
Plz Can U Help teh girl mod doens't seem to be working on my comp or my friend comp we have done it all right even the maps are coming up like girls waterstation e.t.c but we play as male all time we don't use girls btw the blood is good I was Hoping u could help me ????? PLZ

17.09.2006 13:55:40 by flamur

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