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FilenameVET_THUNDER.rar (373) Download Link to file
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Uploaded31.12.2005 11:31:01 / Chavez
Downloads1337 / 25.03.2024 22:24:52
DescriptionYou are part of a hand-picked Elite team of 10 Special Ops soldiers. A high ranking pilot has been shot down behind enemy lines. Your mission is to locate the downed pilot. The Vietcong have intercepted radio communications and are looking for him. Naturally they will thwart any rescue attempts. Take out all enemy threats, re-secure area, and determine if the pilot is dead or alive.

10 US vs. 52 VC

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25.01.2006 23:52:29 by DARK YAUTJA
A GREAT MAP !!! good work !! keep vietcong alive ! cause vietcong 2 sux !

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