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FilenameInterceptorPack.rar (368) Download Link to file
Size2707 KB
Uploaded11.12.2005 09:57:17 / Chavez
Downloads339 / 10.05.2024 01:32:23
DescriptionThis is the Interceptor Pack i created because Willem Peits link is corrupted...Hope this helps you all make some good maps...

Chavez/Chavez_US (Co-founder VietnamEliteTeamwork, 3dsmax Editor, US Navy Veteran)

Visit at your convenience...

UPDATED 1-11-09 - It has come to my attention i failed to include the test.exe portion of this pack. Im not sure why anyone didnt tell me it didnt work for them, but finally this is here now. Great program, with good results...Rick (Chavez_US - VET)

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