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FilenameVET_TEMPIO.rar (359) Download Link to file
Size11359 KB
Uploaded21.11.2005 07:04:45 / Chavez
Downloads1368 / 30.04.2024 22:46:31
DescriptionVET_TEMPIO (Coop only)

Bravo company have sustained small arms fire to their chopper and pilot. They had to ditch the chopper in nearby temple ruins. Shortly after landing the pilot dies. They have landed behind enemy lines and the area is crawling with VC. You know the VC are coming, prepare your elite squad of soldiers and take on the approaching VC...

12 US elite players versus 52 Vietcong guerillas

compliments of VETMET (VietnamEliteTeamworkMapEditingTeam)

Visit our website for the latest news on VC1 and VC2...

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