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FilenameBasicEditingPack.rar (299) Download Link to file
Size104 KB
Uploaded27.03.2005 23:40:13 / Chavez
Downloads1252 / 20.05.2024 22:54:18
Descriptionthis is a basic tutorial so you can set up the correct file structure for editing , also includes the correct files for coop map making...included inside is 54 scripts for vc set to battlemode with one A.I. machinegunner, and also the dxtex tool so you can view textures associated w/ objects...make sure you have editor downloaded...please read instruction notepads in each section before setting this up in your levels folder (within the vietcong folder...)

Have fun and enjoy the tutorials within the editor....

Each map i create averages 30+ hours...but WE (all of us the die hard editors from all the different entities) help keep this game alive...something new every 3 weeks or so it seems...i hope Vietcong#2 has an editor for it!....


****UPDATED 12-28-05****



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