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FilenameVietcong-RedDawn.rar.torrent (292) Download Link to file
Size24 KB
Uploaded18.03.2005 09:11:49 / Don Turtuma
Downloads1621 / 19.07.2024 20:28:18
DescriptionVietcong: Red Dawn as a BitTorrent file.

You need to have a BitTorrent client installed if you want to download this file! Some free clients: BitComet, Azureus, uTorrent.

A initial seed is provided for all files but it's quite slow, we need people to seed the files. So, when you download the file keep seeding it at least for some time.

If you prefer using eMule (or any other eDonkey network compatible client) here's a ed2k LINK.
I'm providing the release seed for the file.

UPDATE 2006-07-04: Torrent file updated, I'm hosting it on my own tracker


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19.08.2015 08:26:58 by sasan
hi. i want a password,but password link in (read me) folder is not found! please heeeeelp

24.08.2015 14:45:21 by The ACE
Don, are the servers up?

26.08.2015 10:58:25 by Don Turtuma
Nope. I don't have a fixed IP address yet. I haven't had the time to fire up the old server either. I hope it still works. :)

There's been so much other stuff to do and I don't even have a proper server room yet. :D
Maybe I'll have some time in the next weekend. You should contact me on VC info, or send feedback here and we'll continue on email...

05.09.2015 09:25:47 by Lerner
Just host your own dedicated coop server whenever you are ingame for now Ace. Don't ask what the army can do for you.. Maybe Chaves is still around, he knows what I mean, hosted a 'tour of' server. Don his server would be interesting because 24/7, but without admins it would not make the Vietcong-coop scene grow.

07.09.2015 12:31:57 by Don Turtuma
I've been busy with all sorts of stuff. I'm installing some new network cables etc. for the storage room that may one day be the new server room. :)
I got the old server machine ready for some cleaning up and testing, need to also make the firewall rules etc. I'm not sure if my current Internet connection allows incoming connections before I get the static IP address.

Last updated 20.3.2004 12:39:44 / Don Turtuma