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Vietcong (268) Download Link to file
Size11035 KB
Uploaded25.01.2005 18:20:51 / Alin
Downloads2283 / 25.03.2024 22:51:11
DescriptionName: BrokenAlphaBeta1.2

Size: 10,7 MB

Author: vatu

Mod's: ATGB, CTF, TDM, DM, Coop

Number of players : 32 (CTF), 16 (ATGB), 8 (TDM, DM, Coop)

Description : The Map contains a jungle with some hills and rocks as well as a few tunnels. The Handmap is included.
There are two little camps in the jungle wich can be reached in 2 different ways for CTF.
There are some ruins in the US-camp and at the VC-flag is a nice fancy trenches
The vegetation isn't very thick. Logs and bushes all over the place that decorate the scenery.
This map is still BETA and includes a few Gamebugs, but they dont cause any errors in gameplay.
It is running on slower PCs with good FPS!
The handmap looks like one of the "real" ONE, as it was made from Pterodon.
The mediumsized map runs even on slower computers quite fast with good FPS!
Conclusion: The first open beta does look very good. Everyone should had played this map ;)



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