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Uploaded12.01.2005 03:38:45 / Chris Tsamados
Downloads2564 / 25.03.2024 22:50:42
Description[BC]NVA_Outpost (Beta 4)

Created by Perdurabo

GAME MODES: Coop only (10 players). Requirees F.A.


Objectives driven: Like single player (press tab and your objectives are shown). You must launch an assault on the NVA outpost, rescue the POW before he is executed, and get him safely to the LZ. You can kill all the VC you want, but unless the POW makes it to the LZ you will not win the map.

Insertion (simulated) and extraction by chopper

Ally Assistance: A US assault team (6 Allies) is inserted by chopper, and will make their way to the Outpost, attacking from its eastern flanks. Medics on the team will heal you if needed (and you are within a safe distance for them to do so)

Random Spawning: All of the VC (bar two, who guard the POW) spawn in random areas.

Over 80 enemy: Yes, the maximum "64 players rule" can be gotten around by selectively respawning the enemy :wink:

VC Mortar Attacks: These fall in random places as you try and fight your way to the Outpost.

Round (shown by "points") system added to end conditions

No respawn in Whole Team Respawn mode: When all of the players die, the map restarts from scratch. What JPV quite accurately calls "Real Coop".

The players flashlight is enabled: Very useful when exploring the maps tunnel system.

Here's the mission briefing:
You must rescue SFC Kewley, who is being held captive at an NVA outpost in the Mekon Delta. He has intel on Charlie's movements along the Ho Chi Minh trail. It is VITAL we receive this if 'Operation Commando Hut' is to be a success. The rescue will require an all out assault on the outpost. You will be aided in this task by SF Team A-171, who will attack from their eastern flanks. Expect heavy resistance. Get in, get Kewly before he is executed, then get him safley to LZ Echo Zulu for extraction.


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