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Uploaded03.12.2004 02:19:22 / Jack Randall
Downloads1363 / 19.05.2024 13:38:52
DescriptionFile obtained from the JPV site.

With thanks to the maps author.

[JPV] Red Zone (Beta4) (8.0MB)

The ninth cartridge of small site original!
This editing multi-map "Storm" is used as the base.
It becomes the US side and the attack from an enemy (VC) is met night.
There is postponement time for 2 minutes after Start.
Interceptor systems, such as a trap, are prepared in the meantime.
I am installing the support team (eight persons) by Ally AI, and think that a few people can also enjoy themselves.
A capacity of ten. For AI, VC is eight support teams at 46 persons. The map only for Coop(s).
AI moves. A map (Radioman) can also be used.

When revival is carried out "per platoon", it becomes the real play of "having no revival."
Even if arms and ammunition pass fixed time, it does not disappear.
"Point(s)" (the number of rounds) can be specified to be map end conditions in addition to "Time."

2004/6/27 Beta 4
- Change AI so that it may rush at random.
- The conversation which joked only by Server Play can be heard. (Addition)
- Correct fine B.U.G.

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