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Vietcong (226) Download Link to file
Size27891 KB
Uploaded01.12.2004 06:31:55 / WRX_02_227
Downloads2962 / 03.05.2024 22:40:49
DescriptionMap Author: Peit!

It's a big map, about the size of stream. It features CTF, ATG bombing and COOP mode with slightly enhanced AI.
Be sure that you select an engineer when playing ATG bombing, cause thats the only class that has the C4 to blow up the AA guns! (Place the bomb on the crate next to the AA guns)
CTF and ATG bombing both support up to 50 players, maximum coop players is 10.

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13.02.2007 18:33:16 by fRENCHY

12.04.2018 21:38:29 by Tarzan
Nice mission

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