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Filename Description Size Category Date
NVAbaseVcUST2S.zipNVAbaseVcUST2S by WRX_02_227

Play as VC!

Supports Coop mode

6 VC players

50 US

Kill those beef eaters!!!!
5832 KB
05.06.2004 19:56:21
Hellweek.wmv... Its Hellweek !!7425 KB
06.06.2004 13:04:12
ProtectStormBaseDuskUST2S.zipProtectStormBaseDuskUST2S by WRX_02_227

Supports Coop and ATG


10 players

50 VC (30 of them will run into the base "frontier" style)

4 mounted M-60's... you might need them ;-)

ATG - Pilot

24 players

Hope you all enjoy this map.

Sometimes the VC won't run up if the "restartmap" command is given. I have the same thing happen on Frontier too so I don't know what it is.
5604 KB
07.06.2004 07:11:10
Epos_011_Operation_Tin_Can_02.wmv... they found some steel ...20266 KB
09.06.2004 00:44:48
Lag Fight at the Sat Special.wmvwatch some brutal heavy frekin weird Lag Fights from the ATG Special of 05.06.0424395 KB
09.06.2004 01:17:45
MedicPatroltestings.wmv...some shots from my Medic Patrol betatestings19386 KB
11.06.2004 03:54:40
vietcong fist alpha - nico remix (1500kbps) finalized.wmvA cyber-friend made this - inspired by (would you believe) my Lemmings video - after watching my latest, he decided to put the final touches to his.

We have been trying to get it up on-line for some days now - but now you can view it in all its glory!

Lovely work, Nico - I am soooo happy to help you to display it and thanks to Don Tuturma for the host site too!
42051 KB
11.06.2004 22:33:02
ThreecanyonsNightUST2S.zipThreecanyonsNightUST2S by Raptor {D}

Supports COOP mode only.

-10 Players

-54 VC

It's dark and hard but very cool. Just have to have your team take it SLOW
5465 KB
15.06.2004 07:07:09
ThreecanyonsVcUST2S.zipThreecanyonsVcUST2S by Raptor {D}

This is Raptors first play as VC map.

Supports Coop mode only.

- 10 players

- 54 VC

Hope you enjoy it :-)
5235 KB
15.06.2004 07:14:00
Dont try this at home3.wmvPrepare for part 3 of the Dont Try This At Home Saga
29106 KB
18.06.2004 00:21:23
Stuck_in_fire.wmvAlin stars by getting stuck and then char-grilling himself!16378 KB
18.06.2004 15:54:13
Fun_at_the_lake.wmv11 mad bastards having a spot of fun at the Lake

Re-uploaded due to the old version finishing early.
17745 KB
19.06.2004 14:23:21

THIS PACK IS A NEW VERSION. ArroyoUST2Sv2 and FrenchRouteUST2Sv2FINAL were not working. The folders have been fixed. Thank you Blazon for catching it. :-)

Hello everyone....this download contains patches for ALL 11 UST2S maps that are missing the hand maps.

Readme files have been included to assist you in installing them.

If you have any problems please contact:

Thank you and have a nice day,
11026 KB
23.06.2004 02:05:27
FrenchRouteStormUST2S.zipFrenchRouteStormUST2S by WRX_02_227

This is basically the same map as my previous FrenchRoute but it has...

- Falling rain

- Rain and thunder sounds

- 10 player support for Coop

- Better AI

- Better AI movement

-35 VC

Also supports ATG Pilot for 24 people
8389 KB
29.06.2004 07:25:59
ArroyoXtremeUST2S.zipArroyoXtremeUST2S by WRX_02_227

The first map that I ever did Coop for was Arroyo, needed an improved version..and here it is. I love Arroyo because with all the cover to hide behind and move to, it is great for a good firefight.

Supports Coop only!

- 10 player Coop support

- VC have different weapons and skins (my original were all black pajamas and AK-47s)

- WRX's new AI coding

- Better AI movement

- And last but not least... a few twists and tricks...but you have to find those yourself ;-)

4996 KB
29.06.2004 07:36:20
DontTryThisAtHome4.rarThe 4th part of Server Outtakes and Mad Action37270 KB
10.07.2004 15:17:25
Dont try this at home5.wmv-The Return of Spider-Alin-28778 KB
22.07.2004 01:52:12
TheVillageUST2S.zipPresenting... TheVillageUST2S by WRX_02_227

First off I have to thank fRagiLeMOD for allowing me to do a Coop version of his map!! Thanks fRagiLeMOD!!

This version of TheVillage is Coop ONLY!!!


- 10 Player Support

- 28 VC

- Smarter A.I

Thanks to Kroenen-Blitzkrieg, Viet-Commando, jackyl, AMW_Villain, Cowboy, Pvt. Dj Swift, Raptor {D}, and Lt. Elias 1e Marines for their help in Beta testing.

I hope everyone enjoys playing this map.
4895 KB
07.08.2004 10:35:28
Serpent2UST2S.zipSerpent2UST2S by Kroenen-Blitzkrieg

Kroenens first attempt with the editor. Using WRX's Coop scripts ;-)

Coop is the only game mode supported.

- 49 VC

- 10 player support!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have fun!
2933 KB
13.08.2004 09:27:49
AmbushReDuxUST2S.zipAmbushReDuxUST2S mod by WRX_02_227

Coop is the only mode supported.

- 10 player support!!!!!!

- 50 VC with improved A.I. (they can only see as far as you can see them)

- Collision barriers have been removed. Go to any island you like. Expands gameplay on this map so it's not so linear.

- A few ramps are added to assist soldiers getting onto islands

- Dusk setting but no too dark.

Two known bugs that I have no idea how to fix or why they exist. Shooting and grenade throwing can be done under water and a few of the buildings don't have the sound when walked in. But neither are really a big deal.

Thank you goes out to Pvt. Dj Swift, AMW_Villain, Kroenen-Blitzkrieg, Cowboy, and Viet-Commando for their work as Beta testers.
18377 KB
24.08.2004 01:44:01
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