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Coop map for VC1 modified by Forman, Alpha Team,

Map is based on the XIENG_XEU_BETA_01 map by Chavez. There are added fog (visibility about 85 m) and some objects (rocks, stones, towers, huts,...).
This map is the same as [AT]Houaphan map but you will fight as Vietcong to kill all enemy US soldiers.

A squad of 52 US soldiers has just infiltrated our supply camp in the Houaphan province in Northeastern Laos. You and your comrades must kill all the enemies and regain the control of this area.

10 players
52 US soldiers
24206 KB
Alpha Team [AT]
05.07.2016 01:10:43

Coop map for VC1 modified by Forman & Drago, Alpha Team,

Original map by LDC-78 is interesting but too small for coop mode, so it was doubled for obtaining bigger area.

10 players
51 VCs
10226 KB
Alpha Team [AT]
05.04.2016 23:25:54
AT-OldRuins.zipOldRuins-1_20161214172819.jpg[AT]OldRuins (update 4.1.2017!!!)
Coop map for VC1 created by Forman, Alpha Team,

Fight in a old ruins. Kill all the enemies in the area.

10 players
50 VCs
15591 KB
Alpha Team [AT]
04.01.2017 17:46:29

Coop map for VC1 modified by GaRReTT, Alpha Team,

10 players
49 VCs
11510 KB
Alpha Team [AT]
02.03.2016 20:13:12

Coop map for VC1 modified by Forman and DanyBoy, Alpha Team,

During the last operation we have lost one of our soldiers. He is known as "Mr. Mige". His dead body haven't been found. It is supposed that he is still alive and probably is held by Vietcong in former water station. Attempt to eliminate all the enemies in the station and find out whether the information about our man is true.

Coop - 10 players, 50 VCs
38675 KB
Alpha Team [AT]
03.06.2018 02:13:07
ATeam.wmvThe A-Team by

Killing, killing and more killing...
12136 KB
27.08.2004 15:11:00

We decided to make a jungle terrain suitable for COOP and CTF. This is a custom map which was made for the Custom Map Contest at Pterodon. This is my first map made using 3dsmax6 combined with the PteroEngine Editor. Thanks to all the helpful ideas, suggestions from VETMET in the maiking of this great map. I like to give the following special thanks to:

TRAVX for the Handmap, Rain, Most all waypoints,
OZ for the BATTLEMODEAGR scripts,
Victor Charles/Jeepers for VC uniforms and weapons

And to the following VETMET team and Beta testers: Shecky,TRAVX, Murphy, Maddie, OZ, Jeepers, Solar, Victor Charles, Doc Savage, SLY, Trinity, Arroz, ZevenUp, Bling, August, Agt. Smith

This map has 12 US soldiers vs 52 VC (Coop)
and has 28 U.S. vs. 28 Vietcong (CTF)

Map features Two Bases (VC & US) , plenty of tunnels, forified bunkers and machineguns, strategically placed VC (Coop) and flags/ammo boxes (CTF), Stream, Waterfall, and jungle terrain w/ ambients...HAVE FUN WITH THIS ONE!!!!

27462 KB
18.06.2005 05:04:38
BahnarUST2S.zipBahnarUST2S created by WRX_02_227

50 VC

No waypoints for VC so they all remain where they spawned

Sniper and spotter would do well on this map.
8404 KB
06.05.2004 04:06:07
bang_bang_bang.wmvBang, Bang, Bang by

Streaming version of the same video can be found from Google Video.
31663 KB
16.07.2006 04:51:28
bang_bang_bang2.wmvBang, Bang, Bang 2 by

Streaming version of the same video can be found from Google Video.
44430 KB
16.07.2006 04:50:41

Nr. Of players - 4

4 VC have to take out ALL the US soldiers in this basement , the problem is that they are on the opsite side of it
Work your way to the middle of the room and kill them all

Mods: Coop

Author: Vcmaster

size : 4mb (aprox)
4074 KB
04.07.2006 16:48:56
BasicEditingPack.rarthis is a basic tutorial so you can set up the correct file structure for editing , also includes the correct files for coop map making...included inside is 54 scripts for vc set to battlemode with one A.I. machinegunner, and also the dxtex tool so you can view textures associated w/ objects...make sure you have editor downloaded...please read instruction notepads in each section before setting this up in your levels folder (within the vietcong folder...)

Have fun and enjoy the tutorials within the editor....

Each map i create averages 30+ hours...but WE (all of us the die hard editors from all the different entities) help keep this game alive...something new every 3 weeks or so it seems...i hope Vietcong#2 has an editor for it!....


****UPDATED 12-28-05****

104 KB
29.12.2005 07:14:22
BasicEditingPackRev.rarChavez' Basic Editing Pack - Revision (Updated 12-28-2007)

This is an updated editing pack with very easy to understand text notepad tutorials. Please install the editor prior to setting up the levels folder within your Vietcong main folder.

Within this pack includes my terrain VET_AP_GU i made for the custom map contest. I have stripped everything from it except the waypoints, and a few other objects. (Palm Trees from VC2, Termit Mound, US Tent, and Grass)

The scripts for 52 VC are also included (compliments from our lead scripter SAS_OZ)...these scripts are a combination of VET_ATTLEBORO and the recent VET_AP_GU maps to a certain degree...

So have fun placing the objects, ambient nature sounds, and nature foliage, and of course the 52 VC...

I decided to make this update after reviewing the older Editing Pack i created,..things have drastically changed since then...

Rick (Chavez/Chavez_US) Co-founder Vietnam Elite Teamwork
11624 KB
29.12.2007 05:51:34
BA_DauLang.rarBA DauLang

Nice map by Banjana

Mode : Coop
Players : 10
5959 KB
31.08.2012 14:03:45
bc-arroyo_vc-beta2.zipDescription: A coop conversion of the Arroyo map in which you play the side of the vietnamese.

Fog and weather settings have been changed to add more atmosphere.

Features include: Random spawning of AI, objectives display, "Real Coop" mode (players have only one life in whole team mode), and the flash light works.

Produced by Brisbane's Coops - so assume scripting by Perdurabo?

5364 KB
04.07.2006 16:36:49[BC]NVA_Outpost (Beta 4)

Created by Perdurabo

GAME MODES: Coop only (10 players). Requirees F.A.


Objectives driven: Like single player (press tab and your objectives are shown). You must launch an assault on the NVA outpost, rescue the POW before he is executed, and get him safely to the LZ. You can kill all the VC you want, but unless the POW makes it to the LZ you will not win the map.

Insertion (simulated) and extraction by chopper

Ally Assistance: A US assault team (6 Allies) is inserted by chopper, and will make their way to the Outpost, attacking from its eastern flanks. Medics on the team will heal you if needed (and you are within a safe distance for them to do so)

Random Spawning: All of the VC (bar two, who guard the POW) spawn in random areas.

Over 80 enemy: Yes, the maximum "64 players rule" can be gotten around by selectively respawning the enemy :wink:

VC Mortar Attacks: These fall in random places as you try and fight your way to the Outpost.

Round (shown by "points") system added to end conditions

No respawn in Whole Team Respawn mode: When all of the players die, the map restarts from scratch. What JPV quite accurately calls "Real Coop".

The players flashlight is enabled: Very useful when exploring the maps tunnel system.

Here's the mission briefing:
You must rescue SFC Kewley, who is being held captive at an NVA outpost in the Mekon Delta. He has intel on Charlie's movements along the Ho Chi Minh trail. It is VITAL we receive this if 'Operation Commando Hut' is to be a success. The rescue will require an all out assault on the outpost. You will be aided in this task by SF Team A-171, who will attack from their eastern flanks. Expect heavy resistance. Get in, get Kewly before he is executed, then get him safley to LZ Echo Zulu for extraction.

14838 KB
04.07.2006 16:48:01[BC]CrashCrescent2-VC by Perdurabo / Brisbane Coop's

This map is a complete revamp (and huge improvement) of the [BC]Crash Crescent map, with the abilty to play the COOP as VC. There has been a lot of jungle added to the original map, so there is much more cover now. The atmosphere has also been enhanced with various effects. The AI enemy have also been improved in a number of areas. Once you play this map, you'll never go back to playing the original CrashCrescent .
11152 KB
04.07.2006 16:47:55[BC]FrenchRouteB_VC

(A map by Perdurabo of Brisbane Coop's)

6892 KB
04.07.2006 16:51:10

some quickly thrown together parts of the funny beta test from 9th May 2005

18951 KB
10.05.2005 16:17:33
10 Players max
approx 43 VC

A coop version for the =SEF= Betzdorf map
15889 KB
12.01.2012 15:20:39
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