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Filename Description Size Category Date
vungtauvalley.zipVungtauvalley map:

Map maker: Fate of Auscong.

Modes supported: currently only CTF - but Coop may be added soon - watch this space.

Max players: 20 CTF.

General description: Very atmospheric - much foliage - good use of fog to maintain frame-rate.

Deceptively small map, deception created by rain/fog. Definately not one for you run-and-gun whores!
11535 KB
04.07.2006 16:34:24

Some coop map that is played online

map creator : VV
5416 KB
09.02.2012 11:42:54
Warehouse_beta1.05.zipWarehouse_beta1_20081026133742.05.jpg6 Player COOP. 30 Player ATG/CTF. 24 Player DM/TDM.

27 VC AI.

Map made by Float.
40656 KB
02.11.2008 03:52:40
waterfall.rarWaterfall | Vietcong 2
Conversion by Nix 2006.
Game Modes: ctf, dm

Place both waterfall.vc2m and waterfall.cbf in your Vietcong2\maps\ folder
19305 KB
21.10.2006 05:05:02

Some good coop map on the waterfall , played online

map creator : ?
4918 KB
09.02.2012 11:47:42
WaterIFLPack.rarCreating IFL's in 3dsmax tutorial and several texture folders with textures for doing them...

Compliments of Chavez_US/Chavez

Visit our website at your convenience
4567 KB
16.12.2005 07:21:22
WaterstationMadness1.rarReplay file of the Waterstation Madness of 20.01.06

1838 KB
21.01.2006 13:09:10
WCXplugin.rarThis plugin allows the Editors to get the proper files from the packed .cbf formats in the maps folder

This is required to make VC1 maps into VC2 maps...

Place this extracted file into your root Total Commander folder

18 KB
16.12.2006 17:37:47
Wheres the detonator.wmvA perfect TK is not that easy ... :-)18652 KB
30.04.2004 17:44:18

fun map

map creator : Gonzo
844 KB
09.02.2012 14:15:27
wrar330.exeWinRAR 3.30981 KB
30.03.2004 14:34:38
XIENGXEUBETA01.rarXieng Xeu Village
It is rumored Laos has been harboring enemy VC guerillas in the caves and valleys of Northeastern Laos. Intel has discovered a small, fortified place local villager?s call ?Xieng Xeu,? located in the Houaphanh Province. It is surrounded by large limestone mountains, and rice fields near the Nam Neua River. You, and your elite special-forces team, will parachute, in darkness, to your target landing zone at 0500 hours. At dawn you will regroup with your team to complete your mission. Your mission is to take out all enemy forces in this remote area. Take no prisoners, all enemy forces must die?
Current game modes:
US COOP - 10 vs. 52 AI
CTF - 20 US vs. 20 VC
16099 KB
24.04.2013 10:26:54
XmasReplays.rar2 Replays of the poor chabs who were on Christmas duty1551 KB
25.12.2005 14:38:45
xTOMx.wmvxTOMx's dance masterclass, recorded on Don's new game-mode.

Apologies for the sound-track not being break-dance, Alin - but this seemed to fit perfectly time-wise and with the transitions.
11620 KB
04.09.2004 13:44:32
Zombie 1.wmvM79 and the infamous Zombie in VC13511 KB
26.04.2004 02:37:22

very nice and hard map

creator : [AGU]Sheppo
15406 KB
12.02.2012 20:31:30
[AT]Blood_Bath.zipBlood Bath 1_20090221022310.jpg[AT]Blood_Bath
Coop map for VC1 created by Drago, Alpha Team,

Urban war in a small market-town.

14 players
45 VCs
14248 KB
Alpha Team [AT]
21.02.2009 02:23:10
[AT]Cutthroat_Base_plus.zipCutthroat Base 1_20091007230011.jpg[AT]Cutthroat_Base+
Coop map for VC1 created by Vaclav, Alpha Team,

This is a new version of [AT]Cutthroat_Base map.

Map was optimized for better fps (but don't expect an extreme rising).

Map is a remake of Saville_v2(beta) map by Leopard[RR]. Original map is very interesting but it is without coop mode. I have thought this map also would deserve coop mode.
Improvements compared to original:
Some new walls, new objects (entering tower at the respawn points, prison, toilets, shower room, kitchen, commander office, etc.)
Added new uniform skin.
New skins for M16, Sten and M60 (for FPV and 3rdPV too).

Your team has just descended into the second perimeter of "cutthroat base", which is a secret mountain camp of elite NVA fighters. Now you have to get into the middle of the base through an underground corridor to eliminate all the NVA cutthroats.

10 players
53 VCs
23554 KB
Alpha Team [AT]
04.07.2014 19:09:31
[AT]Cutthroat_Base_plus_fog.zipCutthroat Base 1_20091007233149.jpg[AT]Cutthroat_Base+_fog
Coop map for VC1 created by Vaclav, Alpha Team,

This map is the same as [AT]Cutthroat_Base+ but there is a worse visibility by reason of thick fog (visibility is about 50m - for players and bots too).

10 players
53 VCs
23331 KB
Alpha Team [AT]
21.10.2009 01:17:39
[AT]Daybreak.zipMain view_20080322173229.jpg[AT]Daybreak
Coop map for VC1 created by Bob, Alpha Team,

A small port and urban streets. Chilly morning. And agile VCs.
Your team is coming in secret by merchant ship. At first you have to annex the port and then eliminate enemy VCs in the town. There are some AA guns reputedly in the area. VCs mustn't use them during our planned tomorrow's operation!!!!

16 players
46 VCs
62858 KB
Alpha Team [AT]
22.03.2008 17:32:29
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