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Filename Description Size Category Date
SecondTrailNightUST2S.zipSecondTrailNightUST2S from Pvt. Dj Swift

- Coop only

- 10 player support

- 54 VC
7668 KB
06.09.2004 10:38:45
AirPort.rarAirport Map by Semok & Fraggel
CTF , TDM , DM ... and COOP
50 VCs , 16 players

Very Big and Unique !
20795 KB
04.07.2006 16:53:50
xTOMx.wmvxTOMx's dance masterclass, recorded on Don's new game-mode.

Apologies for the sound-track not being break-dance, Alin - but this seemed to fit perfectly time-wise and with the transitions.
11620 KB
04.09.2004 13:44:32
Nas_VIET_02.aviTITLE: =NAS= Video Number 2 - Capture the Flag

Players: =NAS=Spiritus, =NAS=Sterzio, =NAS=Radon, =NAS=Dog

Type: Vietcong Reality Video.... no replay of a game... is REAL LIFE

Sometimes is hard use the Sniper when you got a TeamKiller and got also sexabuse from a Dog... but is also hard take and score wtih the Flag :D

Encoded with Divx 5.05...... enjoy it!
28418 KB
02.09.2004 06:26:59
vietcong_theme.mp3Vietcong theme music614 KB
27.08.2004 16:15:37
happytree.wmvHappy Tree Viets by

If you liked Happy Tree Friends you'll love this! :)
7048 KB
27.08.2004 15:11:38
ATeam.wmvThe A-Team by

Killing, killing and more killing...
12136 KB
27.08.2004 15:11:00
Magnum.wmvMagnum, p.i. by

A video in the spirit of Magnum tv show.
4847 KB
27.08.2004 15:10:21
therange.zipCustom Map for Vietcong & Vietcong Fist Alpha

Map Name: =SFX= The Range
Version: 1.0
Game Modes: CTF & COOP

Instructions: Unzip all files to (..\vietcong\maps\) folder and then run the game

Author: Luke Stafford A.K.A Phreakzoid

Copyright: 2003-2004 PTERODON, Ltd. | All Rights Reserved.
Please contact the author for distibution rights.

Known Bugs
The window & door frames in the halong port buildings do not line up correclty...

Thanks to Luke aka =SFX= phreakzoid - This map rocks!!!!

Word of warning.............*Check Your Corners*

Enjoy your spanking ladies....................hehe!
14344 KB
04.07.2006 16:53:59
Nas_VIET_01.aviTITLE: =NAS= Video Number 1 - The Sapper

Players: =NAS=Sutterkane, =NAS= Bob

Type: Vietcong Reality Video.... no replay of a game... is REAL LIFE

Bob want kill the clan leader Sutterkane... take a Colt and Booby Trap and enter in Sutterkane House, but Sutterkane hear Bob walking in the lower floor, go to armery and take Baikal and ........ :D

Encoded with Divx 5.05...... enjoy it!
35205 KB
24.08.2004 10:19:13
AmbushReDuxUST2S.zipAmbushReDuxUST2S mod by WRX_02_227

Coop is the only mode supported.

- 10 player support!!!!!!

- 50 VC with improved A.I. (they can only see as far as you can see them)

- Collision barriers have been removed. Go to any island you like. Expands gameplay on this map so it's not so linear.

- A few ramps are added to assist soldiers getting onto islands

- Dusk setting but no too dark.

Two known bugs that I have no idea how to fix or why they exist. Shooting and grenade throwing can be done under water and a few of the buildings don't have the sound when walked in. But neither are really a big deal.

Thank you goes out to Pvt. Dj Swift, AMW_Villain, Kroenen-Blitzkrieg, Cowboy, and Viet-Commando for their work as Beta testers.
18377 KB
24.08.2004 01:44:01
(A map by Perdurabo of Brisbane Coop's)


REQUIREMENTS: Vietcong Fist Alpha (or purple Haze). If you do not have the Fist Alpha Add on, some of the VC will look like "Hawkins" as thy use 'skins' from the FA add on.
9285 KB
04.07.2006 16:55:11
Serpent2UST2S.zipSerpent2UST2S by Kroenen-Blitzkrieg

Kroenens first attempt with the editor. Using WRX's Coop scripts ;-)

Coop is the only game mode supported.

- 49 VC

- 10 player support!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have fun!
2933 KB
13.08.2004 09:27:49

COOP (best in Vietcong Mode)

Thanks to =extreme= @ DSOP

Have fun in da jungle!!!!!!
17099 KB
04.07.2006 16:55:18
07JANUARY1967.rar07thJanuary1967 V3 by SeeK

COOP (best in VC mode)

This map has appeared on many servers for sometime and its worth playing. Best with restricted ammo rules !!!!

13085 KB
04.07.2006 16:37:15
Devilsbridge.zipGoooooookssss !!!!!!

=SFX= Devils Bridge (.rar file version dated 07.11.2004)

Map Name: Devils Bridge BETA
Version: 0.88b
Game Modes: CTF, RW, DM, TDM, COOP

Instructions: Unzip all files to (..\vietcong\maps\) folder and then run the game

Author: Luke Stafford A.K.A Phreakzoid

Copyright: 2003-2004 PTERODON, Ltd. | All Rights Reserved.
Please contact the author for distibution rights.

Known Bugs

- Water Splash @ Wrong range
- FirstPersonView - Mini Map does not work
- Kick for Speed Cheat if you fall to far

Report Bugs to

- Please Note: 'Devils Bridge' has been renamed to '=SFX= Devils Bridge' please remove and older versions of the files to avoid in game conflicts and crashes
25119 KB
04.07.2006 16:55:25
KaySin.rarKaySin Valley

COOP (best in Vietcong Mode)

Thanks to DSOP Apache

11120 KB
04.07.2006 16:55:32
TheVillageUST2S.zipPresenting... TheVillageUST2S by WRX_02_227

First off I have to thank fRagiLeMOD for allowing me to do a Coop version of his map!! Thanks fRagiLeMOD!!

This version of TheVillage is Coop ONLY!!!


- 10 Player Support

- 28 VC

- Smarter A.I

Thanks to Kroenen-Blitzkrieg, Viet-Commando, jackyl, AMW_Villain, Cowboy, Pvt. Dj Swift, Raptor {D}, and Lt. Elias 1e Marines for their help in Beta testing.

I hope everyone enjoys playing this map.
4895 KB
07.08.2004 10:35:28
Dont try this at home5.wmv-The Return of Spider-Alin-28778 KB
22.07.2004 01:52:12[JPV] Betrayer (Beta 3)

A base map is 'Crash in the jungle'(Single mission map).


- The Chopper fell into the jungle.
Correspondence has stopped near the ruins which the rescue team of a forerunner has on a route.
Although pilot rescue is priority, if possible, join an advance party and return.
It seems that there are many some incomprehensible occurrence in ...,
however this incident. Although it is unidentified, there is rumor that 'Betrayer' is.
It's unknown who it is.
It seems that fog is also deep...
Although it is the worst conditions, please perform a mission carefully....

Mission Mode:
- Coop
Missions are continued although a pilot dies.


- Real-Time fog system. (The depth of a thick fog changes to a real time at random.)
- Reinforcement system by BOT (5 persons). (Sorry. Directions can't be issued)
Two persons(Limand Crocker) follow at the beginning and Pilot and two advance parties(Nhut and Nguyen) join.
Crocker,Nguyen and Pilot is medic. (It approaches and treats by the 'F' key)
- Automatic voice speech system.
- Objective display system. (A objective can be checked by the 'TAB' key)
- All AI is randomizing spawn point system.
- A recovery point is changing system, into five points on a map according to advance.
- 'Whole Team' game is no recovery system.
- The map end rule is 'Time' and 'Points' system.
- Maximum player is 10.
- AI (VC) is 49 persons.
- Multi story system. (A betrayer changes.)


Move a *.cbf and *.dat file to vietcong/maps Folder.
8663 KB
04.07.2006 16:55:38
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