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Filename Description Size Category Date
MeatGrinderNightMapPack5.rarMap pack for The Meat Grinder Saturday Special #7 on 1.5.2004!

Maps included:
VCK Killing Fields - BOMB
Lost Paradise - Pilot
20915 KB
Map packs
04.07.2006 16:59:10

12 US human
41 VC AI

REAL (realistic) - new game mode
12 US human
41 VC AI
+max 2 VC human
(14 PC players total)

After joining all 12 US players, the next two players will be swapped to VC side. Their moving is disabled to prevent kill US squad on respawn (running VC Rambos). They can move again when first VC is killed. If they join befor the fight begin they are not armed and they have to pickup any weapons from dead bodies.

This is my first map with REAListic mode, so the map can have some bugs. Pls report to me.
Modified Frenchroute

21006 KB
03.01.2008 15:12:04
12 US human
41 VC AI

REAL (realistic) - new game mode
12 US human
41 VC AI
+max 2 VC human
(14 PC players total)

You can choose your side when you join the game. Only 2 VC soldiers allowed. Their moving is disabled to prevent kill US squad on respawn (running VC Rambos). They can move again when first VC is killed. If they join befor the fight begin they are not armed and they have to pickup any weapons from dead bodies.

This is my first map with REAListic mode, so the map can have some bugs. Pls report to me. A lot of bugs fixed, now the map is finally playable. :)
Modified Frenchroute
21012 KB
19.01.2008 13:42:38

The last stand, in the city of Hue, is the heavily fortified Citadel. It will take an Elite team of 12 soldiers to take the main bunker, and kill the 50 VC regulars guarding the ancient site. Good luck!

This has been Updated because we added CTF 12 vs 12, TDMC and made some minor scripting changes with VC... (January 2nd, 2006)

Sorry for any inconvenience...this IS the absolute final version!
21024 KB
02.01.2006 22:51:32
GM Last man at Old Temple.wmvSee Green Monkey as the last man at Old Temple fightin for his life21144 KB
21.04.2004 11:43:48

Map by Labrador & Shogun
Mode : Coop
Players : 10
21153 KB
11.09.2012 22:09:07
[AT]Towers_In_Haze_plus.zipTowers In Haze 02_20080915181746.jpg[AT]Towers_In_Haze+ (update 20.9.2008!!!)
Coop map for VC1 created by Vaclav, Alpha Team,

The Vietcong is reputedly building a secret base in the ruins of ancient temple. Probably there is an underground storage in that area. Kill the all enemies in the base and try to find the mentioned storage.

[AT]Towers_In_Haze+ is a new version of [AT]Towers_In_Haze map.
There were some bugs and problems in the first version of the map:
Wooden cover of entry into the original underground tunnel (NVA Base) was destroyable by grenade. That wooden cover was replaced by a new object.
Long ladder was placed directly opposite the entry into the tower. Climbing player could be killed easily by VC on stairs in the tower. That ladder was moved to the right. Moreover the ladder was replaced by new (nicer) model.
Some VCs in the underground could penetrate partly through the panel wall so waypoints were moved farther from the wall.

Some improvements:
Now the dropped weapons donīt disappear.
VCs can use the ladders in map (it is possible to see climbing down VCs - very funny :-) )

Coop - 10 players, 53 VCs
21197 KB
Alpha Team [AT]
07.07.2016 19:32:33
MeatGrinderNightMapPack7.rarmappack for saturday specials, containing:
Map: TempioR2
Author: Gianko Monzilla
Web site:
Game types: CTF
Maximum players: 40

screenshots at:
Map: 84C.Nhatrang
Author: Ed Dobson
Game types: CTF
Maximum players: 64

screenshots at:
21208 KB
Map packs
04.07.2006 16:47:25
TourtestHamburger.wmvMy 2nd Tourvideo tryout.
Just cutted the scenes together.
Make War not Love
21251 KB
22.03.2004 16:06:49
de_DUST2_DLX.rarOVERVIEW MAP_20081109181838.jpg"This is the final version of de_dust2 i have added coop and tdmc and some details, corrected bugs and perfected the ingame map added cords to it for more strategic game play. The coop is for up to 6 players agains 40 vc bots devided in 4 groups with medics, you will easy spot the medics i have used the vc girl as medic.
The map now suports: ATG, ATG-Bomb, TDMC, DMC, Colt, CTF, COOP."

Map edited by Float.
21352 KB
09.11.2008 18:18:38
DeepPitchV2.rarDeep Pitch v2 by Nix

Map of the biggest scale, primarily built for cooperative game mode..

Game modes:

ATG (12pl.) Assault team game.

CTF (12pl.) Capture the flag.

Coop (10us vs. 54vc) Powered by JPV:)

DMC (12pl.) Death match classic.
Same as DM but you can select weapon at the beginning.
21404 KB
04.07.2006 16:35:53
MG_VietnambetaATG240404.wmvScenes of the ATG Night of 24 04 04
taken on Vietnambeta Map
21426 KB
27.04.2004 17:34:11
TP-THE-DECENT-VC-REDUX.zip6 player Coop
by Den and Confused Master
21534 KB
26.01.2013 21:11:43

Presentation :
After Intrusion, BrownWater is the second custom map I created with a very strong "Vietnam look"...
BrownWater has nothing really "special" but I can garantee you a very immersive mission in a deathfull Mekong Delta! ;)

The mission :
October 12th, 1967, 15:00. Fist Alpha has been sent to the South Vietnam to help the US Navy in its Brown Water War. We were patroling onboard 2 Boston Whalers till the water level became too low and obstructed by trees. We now have to continue on foot...

Modes :
The "classic one" we all know, with...
-Addition of extra weapons (they will depend of the mission)!
-The weapons will disappear if you drop them on the ground but...
-Extra weapons will reappear.

The "classic one" we all know but...
-WITHOUT the extra weapons!
-The weapons WON'T disappear if you drop them on the ground!
-Kills and Deaths are hidden by pressing the "TAB" key.

This "mode" is the Coop one but without the vc bots; ideal to "discover" the map, set tactics, take screenshots or...whatever!
In this mode, don't use the whole team as the respawn method or avoid to die (no respawn)!

Map specifications :
-US players: 8
-VC bots: 55
-Modes: Coop, Coop', Discovery
-Extra weapons: YES
-Ammoboxes: 6 (ON/OFF)
-Skins by default: YES (original, with stripes)
-VC + FA compatible only (1.60 patch)!

-Read me file included.
-Date of release: 01/01/20


21583 KB
05.01.2020 18:11:32
NoMansLandV_4.rarNoMansLandV2 Beta 4 by Gardner21726 KB
04.07.2006 16:58:01

The tet Offensive took place just 3 days ago. You, and your Elite squad of special forces, have been ordered to recover Ben Tre City. This is urban warfare gentlemen. Make sure to look high and low, behind corners, on balconies, rooftops, and in every room. If you're good enough, you may be able to recover this Vietnamese stronghold. Good Luck!

10 US elite soldiers versus 52 Vietcong

Compliments of Vietnam Elite Teamwork Map Editing Team (VETMET)

Visit our website at your convenience

22161 KB
30.04.2006 01:37:01
TMG-CanyonSweep_v1.rarTMG-CanyonSweep v1

10 Players Coop
64 Players RW
64 Players ATG Pilot
22226 KB
22.05.2006 19:02:53
TMG-MIA.rarTMG_MIA_20080302183550.jpgTMG-M.I.A. by Private Paula

After a hard fight and on the way back to base, you and your team got shot by AA. Both choppers crashed somewhere in the jungle, surrounded by enemy forces. A couple of soldiers are dead, some survived. There is no chance of extraction. Your task is to regroup both teams and clear the area.

Modes: Coop 10 players, ATG 64 players

22260 KB
23.04.2009 20:15:56
renamed_1RMapPack.ace[1R]MapPack by [1R]FoxTrot
Thats right you need it, you want it, you got it... a trip to the past!
Visit Foxtrot's history of map making.......
Included in this pack in order of creation are........

1. NhuTangVillage.
Holds 20 with modes CTF,DM,RW and ATG-Pilot.
My very first map.

2. QuangNgai.
Holds 30 with CTF mode.
My 2nd map small and intense.

3. MyLaiMassacre.
Urban/Jungle/Rainy Day.
Holds 64 with CTF mode.
My 3rd map larger but still fast paced.

4. Ridge.
Holds 20 with CTF and ATG modes.
4th in the line up is a bloodbath map.

5. Frontline.
Busted up Urban/Day.
Holds 40 with CTF,ATG and ATG-Pilot modes.
Last but not least and probably my favorite yet. Small lots of cover and a bloodbath of a map.

All maps have been redone to fix errors with in them hope they're all in order now =) Hope you see some improvement over the course of them.

Happy Gaming,
ACE archive, use WinRAR to extract.
22362 KB
Map packs
04.07.2006 16:35:17

Mission: One of our check points is under attack from the Vietcong. Captain Rosenfield has radioed for immediate backup. You and your Elite Team of 12 are to return order to a situation gone bad

12 Coop players versus 51 ruthless VC AI
CTF 16 versus 16

22409 KB
08.07.2007 06:37:14
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