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Filename Description Size Category Date
TMG-PirateIsle_v1.rarTMG-Pirate Isle v1

The map to celebrate the 19th September
- The Talk Like A Pirate Day

Ships by Petr Deadfast
Map by Tommy Bonez

Coop only
10 Tour Pirates vs 50 Gook Pirates

Finished/Finalized under heavy time pressure
Please excuse all bugs

18896 KB
19.09.2006 16:34:49

some quickly thrown together parts of the funny beta test from 9th May 2005

18951 KB
10.05.2005 16:17:33
VET_THUNDER.rarYou are part of a hand-picked Elite team of 10 Special Ops soldiers. A high ranking pilot has been shot down behind enemy lines. Your mission is to locate the downed pilot. The Vietcong have intercepted radio communications and are looking for him. Naturally they will thwart any rescue attempts. Take out all enemy threats, re-secure area, and determine if the pilot is dead or alive.

10 US vs. 52 VC
19004 KB
31.12.2005 12:11:44

Starting with the basics. This content has been availiable over the last 8 years. There are some fixes i have personally made to "some" objects in these packs. Not physically changed the objects size, but improved the polygon counts, and re-UVW mapped the textures.

Some objects have to be manipulated/scaled on different axises to make them realistically sized.

Place the .bes files into the objects file, and the textures into the tex file. Rebuild texdatabase, in the editor, and re-open your terrainname.sco ... In your editor panel, underneath "Current Level" there will be a subfolder named OBJ or OBJECTS. Click on the plus sign, and all of the bes'es will be there for you to click on and check out. If a texture appears white, then you have two textures of the same name in a tex folder within the main tex folder. Simply delete one of the duplicates.

Next uploads will be categorized, and new (some brand new)
More to come over the next couple of days.

Rick (Chavez_US)
19130 KB
29.02.2012 09:29:54
Epos_010_Tin_Can_01.rarThe Squad is send to search some Vietnamese Metall ...19133 KB
30.05.2004 14:38:00
SurroundedUST2S.zipSurroundedUST2S created by Pvt. Dj Swift

If you think Ambush is an Ambush you haven't seen an Ambush yet. Split spawns, up to 8 players, 50 VC, very intense. The map is Ambush but there are walls so you can't head the wrong way, and added cover on each side.

You have them "Surrounded"...time to take them out!
19167 KB
05.05.2004 20:34:06
BunkerHell.zipBunkerHell finalised.

Map maker: Kyber.

Bloody tough map!

58 VC who come looking for you! And they have damned good eyes too!

Nice use of tracers.

Don't try it solo on Vietnam setting - I found it tough to even get possitive stats - but I always did (just) - Cosmic Cat was on fire on the map!
19185 KB
04.07.2006 16:49:12

North Vietnamese have occupied the city of Hue after the Tet offensive. Your mission is "Clean and sweep" this section of the city. Recapture the Military Assistant Command (MACV) Compound. Be prepared to take on some of the most fierce Vietnamese troops from the 804th regiment. This Mission is not an easy one expect friendly casualties...Good Luck!

14 Elite US players (max) versus 50 highly trained VC...

Compliments of VietnamEliteTeamworkMapEditingTeam(VETMET)

***This map was based upon Full metal Jacket scene by El Presidente...Thank you El presidente....***
19194 KB
01.12.2005 04:04:45
VC1 map converted for VC2
coop - playable
19238 KB
15.06.2007 17:18:14
VET_SWAMP.rarThe North Vietnamese have established a stronghold, on the infamous Ho Chi Minh Trail. You and your hand picked team of specialists are ordered to search and destroy all the enemy in the area. Remember these NVA regulars are very well disiplined, and they are experts in the art of concealment. Good Luck.

12 Elite US Soldiers versus 50 VC Regulars

Compliments of VETMET (Vietnam Elite Teamwork Map Editing Team)

Visit our website at your convenience

19242 KB
28.02.2006 04:53:42
waterfall.rarWaterfall | Vietcong 2
Conversion by Nix 2006.
Game Modes: ctf, dm

Place both waterfall.vc2m and waterfall.cbf in your Vietcong2\maps\ folder
19305 KB
21.10.2006 05:05:02
MedicPatroltestings.wmv...some shots from my Medic Patrol betatestings19386 KB
11.06.2004 03:54:40
Epos_007_3_Canyons_5.rarOur Heros left the Canyons and head to extraction point at Bahnar Village19451 KB
07.05.2004 16:47:43
Epos_005_3_Canyons_03.rar...and on...19461 KB
22.04.2004 14:55:34
MG Ganja Land Stuff.wmv19527 KB
19.04.2004 16:04:00
MG_Run_Pilot_Run_240404.wmvScenes of the ATG Night of 24 04 04
taken on Cambodia Map
19527 KB
28.04.2004 14:36:31

A slightly changed Ambush version
features :

Camo Gear !

10 US Players - 54 VCs

Coop and TourCoop modes

TourCoop containing :
Destroy 2 AA Guns

To win the map in TourCoop mode either Kill All VCs !OR! Destroy 2 AA Guns
19577 KB
20.04.2005 17:19:33
MG Stream Scenes.wmvChat and Win :)19683 KB
20.04.2004 13:18:43
riverdale.exeRiverdale MP map including coop mode.
Install into Vietcong\Maps folder!
19686 KB
24.11.2007 16:03:01
MG Incursion Stuff.wmvSee the VCs clearing AIM Incursion
from the Meat Grinder Night of 17 04 04
19691 KB
20.04.2004 13:46:02
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