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Filename Description Size Category Date
TMG-CoopTest.7zTest level utilizing the scripts found in inc\tmg. There's a lot of weird and fun stuff going on. :)

THIS IS NOT A WORKING LEVEL TO USE IN THE GAME!!! If you're not interested in VC1 editing there's no point in downloading this. :)

- Don
2071 KB
19.02.2009 20:45:18
TMG-GoingHome_v2.rarTMG-GoingHome v2 by Tommy Bonez

lil update

Coop only

10 players
50 enemies
34640 KB
04.08.2006 15:16:55
TMG-HamburgerHill_v1.rarTMG-HamburgerHill v1 by Tommy Bonez

Coop only

10 players
50 enemies
9118 KB
05.08.2006 17:08:34
TMG-MapPackBeta3Fix1.rarThis is the first (and hope that it's the last one too) fix for the Beta3 release. The server crash bug has been fixed, the crash occurred when a human controlled pilot died in TourCoop mode.

- - -

This is the third BETA version of the map pack I'm working on.


Whole new multiplayer script! (original coop.c source was 9KB, my script is 22KB!)

New game mode: TourCoop
- Kills / deaths are not displayed on the status screen (although you can still "cheat" using the console), dead players are still shown with gray color though (I'll try to fix this)
- If team respawn is used and the whole team is dead it results in
a map restart with "Vietcong win" message
- Friendly fire is ALWAYS enabled!
- Dropped weapons and gear do not disappear
- The mission time is not reset at the start of the new round! You have x minutes
to complete the mission

New map end rule: Points
- One victory = one point
- No mission time: you can play as long as you want, only the victory matters
- When x points gained the next map is loaded (VC's points doesn't count!)

The AI Pilot:
- If there's no human controlled pilot, then the AI pilot kicks in
- If the AI pilot keeps screwing up things you can kill him at the start
of the round (you can still win the map if you kill all VC)
- The AI pilot will wait for 5 minutes before he starts moving, so you have time to clear the way for him, after that he tries to keep away from the firefights and reach the LZ
- There's a problem with the AI pilot in the traditional Coop mode, the pilot is not recovered yet at the start of the round!


- Mission objective: Escort the pilot to the LZ or kill all VC
- ATG, Coop and TourCoop game modes
- Pilot LZ end rule, if the pilot (AI or human) reaches the LZ then you have won
- If the human controlled pilot is killed then Vietcong wins (TourCoop) or the whole team is respawned (Coop)

- Mission objective: Kill all VC
- ATG, Coop and TourCoop game modes
- Cpt. Rosenfield at the Command center ;) (if he keeps doing something stupid, you can kill him at the start of the round)


Extract or copy the contents of the package to you Vietcong\ directory, or copy the contents of the Maps directory to your Vietcong\Maps dorectory.
NOTICE: If you have a Levels\Crash\TMG-Crash directory from the earlier beta versions of the map, please remove it!

Please remember that these maps are still beta versions, if you find any problems with these maps or want to give some feedback (positive or negative, especially I'd like to get some feedback on the new US/VC AI scripts that I've made); please contact me via the Feedback section of my website at
16386 KB
10.05.2004 12:42:36
TMG-MedicPatrolB6.7zGAME_2008-03-15_19-44-53_20080315195043.jpgThis is the version I made for the TMG birthday party 15.03.2008! It's my first map release in 2-3 years...8532 KB
15.03.2008 19:50:44
TMG-MedicPatrolBeta5.rarTMG-MedicPatrol BETA 5 by Don Turtuma, based on the Vietcong single player campaign mission.


- Play Coop as a Vietcong fighter!
- ATG, CTF, Coop, KOTH, TourCoop and TT game modes
- New mission type for Coop: Assassination
- Mission objective: Assassinate the Cpt.Rosefield!
- AI uses mounted weapons
- New game modes: TourCoop and KOTH (King of the Hill)

This release has the latest versions of my (Tour)Coop and KOTH game scripts.

Read the included TMG-MedicPatrolBeta5.txt file for more information.
8582 KB
04.12.2004 15:17:52
TMG-MIA.rarTMG_MIA_20080302183550.jpgTMG-M.I.A. by Private Paula

After a hard fight and on the way back to base, you and your team got shot by AA. Both choppers crashed somewhere in the jungle, surrounded by enemy forces. A couple of soldiers are dead, some survived. There is no chance of extraction. Your task is to regroup both teams and clear the area.

Modes: Coop 10 players, ATG 64 players

22260 KB
23.04.2009 20:15:56

This is a CANCELED project !!
Fog bug on terrain ...

Coop Game mode only

56 VCs
20054 KB
27.05.2005 19:45:10
TMG-Palace_v1.rarTMG-Palace v1

10 Player Coop map
20132 KB
21.11.2006 19:04:47
TMG-PirateIsle_v1.rarTMG-Pirate Isle v1

The map to celebrate the 19th September
- The Talk Like A Pirate Day

Ships by Petr Deadfast
Map by Tommy Bonez

Coop only
10 Tour Pirates vs 50 Gook Pirates

Finished/Finalized under heavy time pressure
Please excuse all bugs

18896 KB
19.09.2006 16:34:49
TMG-PiratesFun.rarAvast , Me Hearties !

1st This is a FUN map , dedicated to the Talk like a Pirate day ,19th Sept

This map got drivable boats ! And changed US Uniform skins !
Turn Hradba OFF !
and I recommend to restart ur PC before and after playin it

Map got DM,TDM , 32 player ,only Baikals available
RW , 32 players
and of course COOP , 8 players
56 enemy Pirates armed with Machetes and Baikals !

Go on a journey to Rape , Plunder and Destroy , beim Klabautermann

Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !

made by Tommy Bonez
16776 KB
19.09.2005 11:25:37
TMG-PoTlongKaraiB1.rarTMG-PoTlongKarai BETA 1 by Don Turtuma, based on the Vietcong single player campaign


- Only TourCoop game mode
- New mission type for Coop: Bombing
- Camo gear

This release includes the latest version of my (Tour)Coop script.

Read the included TMG-PoTlongKaraiB1.txt file for more information.
8701 KB
05.12.2004 15:44:06
TMG-RallyCampaignMod_b1.rarTMG Rally Campaign Mod by Tommy Bonez

Made generally for The Meat Grinder Race Campaign

Install :
Extract Modz Folder and the RallyCampaign.bat to main Vietcong 2 folder
Run RallyCampaign.bat to play

-DO NOT HAVE ANY OTHER MOD.cbf in your Vietcong2 folder !!!!!

Features :


All Vehicles are US Jeeps
All Classes got Wine Glasses (only works 1st pv)

3 Pilot and 3 Engineer Classes per side
Equipt with Wrenches and Nades (for possible quick suicide)

Race Control (same Uniform no matter which side you use)
Equipt with Wrench , Smoke Nade and M79/RPG

Referee (same Uniform no matter which side you use)
Equipt with Starting Pistol,Smoke Nade,M79/RPG and Radio

VC Side got a Girl Team !
Choose Girl face on VC side to play as Girls without strange effects ;)

...have fun ;D
4876 KB
14.10.2006 16:00:16
TMG-ScriptPackv1.7zMost of the scripts that I've made for VC1, you can use these as you like, just give me credits.

Extract to Vietcong\dev\compiler\inc

- Don
90 KB
21.02.2009 09:59:45
TMG-Stream_v1.rarTMG-Stream_v1 by Tommy Bonez

Conversation of the Single Player Stream !

Coop only

35 VCs - 8 players

! Camo Gear !
8015 KB
13.07.2005 13:35:05
TMG-TrainingCamp_v2.rarThe Training Camp version 2

Get some Training in Coop
TourCoop (bleeding)

16 players
47 VC

-might get another update ... IF I find time-
11359 KB
16.04.2005 17:32:28
TMG4YearsBirthdayParty.wmvThe Meat Grinder 4 Years Birthday Party

Here are some pictures and clips that I recorded at the TMGs birthday party.

Thanks Rev.Charlie for the group photo!

I apologize for the format (wmv). If you are unable to view the video because it's in wmv format, you can also see it in YouTube by clicking the link below:

YouTube version of this video

22436 KB
18.03.2008 00:14:45
TMG_Jeep_Madness.rarTMG Jeep Madness (01 ?) The Video :D

Some crazy Jeep Jumps,Crash,Action video cuts

and remember ... Dont Drink and Drive
29021 KB
22.01.2006 14:51:24
TMG_Stunt_N_Fun_A2.rarTMG-Sunt N Fun mod alpha 2 for VC2

Install and play Instructions inside

Changes :

All Game Modes :

VC - Civilian look
US - Semi Millitia look (+Priest)

US none Headgear is possible
Some changed textures for US Headgear

US added more Voices (now 18)
also changed some voice commands

More Blood

Stamina raised to 500

Added Wine Glass as forced weapon (like knife)

Changed US Jeep to Pink Cadillac
Changed VC Jeep to Blue Pick Up
Changed VC Tank to Ontos Tank

Known Vehicle issues :

Vehicles dont work on Checkpoint Coop
The Cadillac only got 1st person view and is undestroyable
Also when you drive against the sun in the Cadillac the view is "strange"
The Ontos Gunner and MG view is "strange"


Assault , Coop and CTF changes :

US and VC Comando are now Killer Babes
Choose US Head 15 or VC Head 18 to properly play this class !!

Weapon Changes :
All US Pistols to choose from in player menu
All VC Pistols to choose from in player menu
All US Classes got Trombone
All VC Classes got Trombone
All US Classes got Claymores except Sniper , he got Traps
All VC Classes got Claymores except Sniper , he got Traps

US Infantry added RPG7
VC Fighter added RPG7
US Eng added M16XM148
VC Eng added RPG7
US Medic , no medic helmet , added M79
VC Medic , no medic helmet , added RPG7
US Gunner added RPG7
VC Gunner added RPG7
US Marine added XM 177
VC Soldier added STG44
US Radio added M79
VC Radio added RPG7
US Sniper added RPG7 and Smoke Nades
VC Sniper added RPG7 and Smoke Nades
US Killer Babe added M60
VC Killer Babe added Dektarev


DM and TDM changes :

NO Killer Babes !!!!!!!!!!!


...maybe I forgot some things ...?:D

7031 KB
26.04.2006 13:58:31

some custom coop map

map creator : ToL
12271 KB
09.02.2012 18:37:17
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