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- 10 player support for Coop mode

- Coop only!

- GREATLY improved FPS :-)

Many thanks to UST2S, The Tour of Teamrespawn, and The Meat Grinder players for beta testing, giving input, finding bugs.

Special thanks to Pvt. Dj Swift for creating the lookout stands, Don Turtuma with some scripting assistance, Xtreme and Perdurabo for helping me increase the FPS.

Have fun, and make sure you bring a helmet and a few friends with you into battle.
5804 KB
10.11.2004 00:55:20
The_Knife_Duel.wmvThe Knife Duel at the Riverdale Bridge
from The Grinder Fun Night of 10 04 04
4596 KB
11.04.2004 18:51:43
ThreecanyonsNightUST2S.zipThreecanyonsNightUST2S by Raptor {D}

Supports COOP mode only.

-10 Players

-54 VC

It's dark and hard but very cool. Just have to have your team take it SLOW
5465 KB
15.06.2004 07:07:09
ThreecanyonsVcUST2S.zipThreecanyonsVcUST2S by Raptor {D}

This is Raptors first play as VC map.

Supports Coop mode only.

- 10 players

- 54 VC

Hope you enjoy it :-)
5235 KB
15.06.2004 07:14:00
Thuet_Ban.rarThuet Ban by [MCF]Bidi
This is a new 3DS ground based on LaoKai. (I create the ground of
LaoKai but i added a new mountain for Tocra. So the ground is a little different).

Number of max players :
- Coop : 12 (49 Vc)
- Dm : 24
- TDM : 24
- CTF : 24
9819 KB
04.07.2006 16:28:40
thundercliffs.zipName: Thunder Cliffs
Author: | Christian Konieczka
Game modes: ctf, dm, tdm
Description: An aboriginal village in the central highlands covered by cliffs and lethal jungle paths. Enemies are lurking everywhere around the raged terrain, which also features a Vietnamese cave used by the communist forces.
Installation: Unzip the .zip file to your Vietcong2\Maps folder.

This map is included in the full package of Fist Bravo add-on for Vietcong 2.
43158 KB
16.10.2006 18:47:14
ThundercreekDuskUST2S.zipThundercreekDuskUST2S created by WRX_02_227

Coop mode:

6 players

50 VC

ATG bombing:

24 players

US must destroy the downed jet, VC must try to stop them

Hope you all enjoy this. The dusk lighting is awesome on this map.
9370 KB
04.06.2004 07:49:13
Thunder_Don_Toccoa_win.wmvToccoa leads Don "The Pilot" Turtuma to the LZ
from the Meat Grinder Special of 02 04 04
4956 KB
04.04.2004 15:34:53
Tiroliene script.rarTirolienne script

author : [SGC] Xeron
5 KB
17.09.2012 00:29:46
TMG-AmbushB3.rarTMGAmbush_20110604200715.jpgTMG-Ambush with a modified RW game mode for the TMG 7 years birthday party.23985 KB
04.06.2011 20:07:18

A slightly changed Ambush version
features :

Camo Gear !

10 US Players - 54 VCs

Coop and TourCoop modes

TourCoop containing :
Destroy 2 AA Guns

To win the map in TourCoop mode either Kill All VCs !OR! Destroy 2 AA Guns
19577 KB
20.04.2005 17:19:33
TMG-Arena.rarTMG-Arena_ v1 by Tommy Bonez

1st up this is a FUN Map !
Best played with knives only
Jump from box to box and dont fall into the acid !

Gamemodes :
CTF - 32 players
ATG (US Bomb) - 32 players
KOTH - 32 players
DM - 32 players
Coop - 10 players 38 enemies with knives

14148 KB
13.07.2006 22:21:04

Author Chris Tsamados aka *Cpl. Elias*

I decided to remake my AshuaValley map. I have included more cover at the beginning and have deleted lots of bushes and colliisions at the turn in the road past the bunker, which was a real bitch to get past.

The map includes the modified Coop scripts, so you get weapons staying on the ground, and funky music if you complete the map. Theres also a TourCoop mode this includes bleeding, no kill chart and the map resets itself when everyone dies.

4371 KB
14.07.2005 09:44:48
TMG-Basecamp_v3.rarThe Meat Grinder Basecamp, third version.

20 player co-op.
26372 KB
06.07.2006 13:36:48
TMG-BigRiver_part1_v1.rarTMG-BigRiver_part1_v1 by Tommy Bonez

Patrol down the river

45 VCs 10player

! Camo Gear !
13809 KB
13.07.2005 17:29:20
TMG-Bridge_part2_v1.rar...and another old (and the last) project I found

TMG-Bridge part 2 by Tommy Bonez

10player Coop map

-as I dont have VC2 installed anymore, I hope this map works fine and u have some fun
16274 KB
30.01.2007 18:54:43
TMG-CanyonSweep_v1.rarTMG-CanyonSweep v1

10 Players Coop
64 Players RW
64 Players ATG Pilot
22226 KB
22.05.2006 19:02:53
TMG-Cathedral_v1.rarFound this old project on my HDD ...

TMG-Cathedral_v1 by Tommy Bonez

10player coop map

-as I dont have VC2 installed anymore, u got to take the map as it is, but I hope the map is ok
40137 KB
30.01.2007 18:34:05
TMG-Citadel_v1.rarTMG-Citadel v1 by Tommy Bonez

Converted Singleplayer mission

10 Players
60 Enemys

...might get updated somewhen
14608 KB
13.11.2006 17:25:39
TMG-ClassifiedIntervention.rarTMG Classified Intervention by Tommy Bonez
Duplication of Escape map (VC SP)

54 VCs vs 10 US

Make sure you clean the whole Vietcong supporting village before you move out to search the jungle,swamp and temple for remaining forces
16842 KB
10.03.2006 16:54:43
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