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Filename Description Size Category Date
Wheres the detonator.wmvA perfect TK is not that easy ... :-)18652 KB
30.04.2004 17:44:18
AmbushReverseUST2S.zipAmbushReverseUST2S created by WRX_02_227.

Only mode is COOP, 6 players max

I think you can pretty much guess from the title what it is. P.S. Keep your heads down :-)
20043 KB
05.05.2004 20:33:28
SurroundedUST2S.zipSurroundedUST2S created by Pvt. Dj Swift

If you think Ambush is an Ambush you haven't seen an Ambush yet. Split spawns, up to 8 players, 50 VC, very intense. The map is Ambush but there are walls so you can't head the wrong way, and added cover on each side.

You have them "Surrounded"...time to take them out!
19167 KB
05.05.2004 20:34:06
SwampUST2Sv3.zipSwampUST2Sv3 created by WRX_02_227

Night mission!!!!

30 VC

US spawn points are facing the direction you should travel.

10132 KB
06.05.2004 03:21:10
DeathValleyUST2Sv2.zipDeathValleyUST2S created by WRX_02_227

Better make the time limit 60 minutes for this mission.

50 VC scattered throughout most of the map.

Some VC are well hidden, take it slow!
13763 KB
06.05.2004 03:52:54
BahnarUST2S.zipBahnarUST2S created by WRX_02_227

50 VC

No waypoints for VC so they all remain where they spawned

Sniper and spotter would do well on this map.
8404 KB
06.05.2004 04:06:07
ArroyoUST2Sv2.zipArroyoUST2Sv2 created by WRX_02_227

This map should have had COOP support in the retail version. But..oh well it didn't, and here we have it.

50 VC (all armed with AK-47's)

Awesome map to move forward from cover to cover using supressing fire.

The first map I completed ;-)
4406 KB
06.05.2004 04:19:39
SerpentUST2S.zipSerpentUST2S created by Raptor {D}

52 VC

Lots and Lots of running to next area of VC. The VC are set-up in ambushing formations and some are very well hidden.

P.S. The Jeep works but sometimes you get kicked or killed for cheating so use at own risk. Also the Jeep doesn't even go that far. It was in there for Single Player and was not removed.
4224 KB
06.05.2004 04:32:53
StreamDuskUST2S.zipStreamDuskUST2S created by WRX_02_227

Not too dark, not too light, I say..just right!

50 VC

Nice lighting

Hope you like it!!!

Tested to be bug free
6530 KB
07.05.2004 01:00:33
HoChiMinhTrailUST2S.zipHoChiMinhTrailUST2S created by WRX_02_227

20 VC in the area

All traps from single player have been removed and the pungi sticks have been covered up.

3615 KB
07.05.2004 03:17:33
Epos_007_3_Canyons_5.rarOur Heros left the Canyons and head to extraction point at Bahnar Village19451 KB
07.05.2004 16:47:43
FrenchRouteUST2Sv2FINAL.zipFrenchRouteUST2Sv2FINAL created by WRX_02_227

This is the updated final version. I really hope everyone likes it.

Game type support:

Coop mode for 6 players, with 35 "smarter" VC.

ATG bombing mode for 24 players.

The bomb must be placed in the "old French tower bunker"

This version was tested for days running both COOP and ATG. Couldn't find any bugs. I took my time and really made this one pretty good I think and the testers think so too.
6049 KB
09.05.2004 07:59:46
TMG-MapPackBeta3Fix1.rarThis is the first (and hope that it's the last one too) fix for the Beta3 release. The server crash bug has been fixed, the crash occurred when a human controlled pilot died in TourCoop mode.

- - -

This is the third BETA version of the map pack I'm working on.


Whole new multiplayer script! (original coop.c source was 9KB, my script is 22KB!)

New game mode: TourCoop
- Kills / deaths are not displayed on the status screen (although you can still "cheat" using the console), dead players are still shown with gray color though (I'll try to fix this)
- If team respawn is used and the whole team is dead it results in
a map restart with "Vietcong win" message
- Friendly fire is ALWAYS enabled!
- Dropped weapons and gear do not disappear
- The mission time is not reset at the start of the new round! You have x minutes
to complete the mission

New map end rule: Points
- One victory = one point
- No mission time: you can play as long as you want, only the victory matters
- When x points gained the next map is loaded (VC's points doesn't count!)

The AI Pilot:
- If there's no human controlled pilot, then the AI pilot kicks in
- If the AI pilot keeps screwing up things you can kill him at the start
of the round (you can still win the map if you kill all VC)
- The AI pilot will wait for 5 minutes before he starts moving, so you have time to clear the way for him, after that he tries to keep away from the firefights and reach the LZ
- There's a problem with the AI pilot in the traditional Coop mode, the pilot is not recovered yet at the start of the round!


- Mission objective: Escort the pilot to the LZ or kill all VC
- ATG, Coop and TourCoop game modes
- Pilot LZ end rule, if the pilot (AI or human) reaches the LZ then you have won
- If the human controlled pilot is killed then Vietcong wins (TourCoop) or the whole team is respawned (Coop)

- Mission objective: Kill all VC
- ATG, Coop and TourCoop game modes
- Cpt. Rosenfield at the Command center ;) (if he keeps doing something stupid, you can kill him at the start of the round)


Extract or copy the contents of the package to you Vietcong\ directory, or copy the contents of the Maps directory to your Vietcong\Maps dorectory.
NOTICE: If you have a Levels\Crash\TMG-Crash directory from the earlier beta versions of the map, please remove it!

Please remember that these maps are still beta versions, if you find any problems with these maps or want to give some feedback (positive or negative, especially I'd like to get some feedback on the new US/VC AI scripts that I've made); please contact me via the Feedback section of my website at
16386 KB
10.05.2004 12:42:36
Burn Fat with Green Monkey.wmvFor all YOU fat Computerkiddies
Burn Fat in 10min with Green Monkey
10808 KB
10.05.2004 15:45:32
Dont Try This At Home1.wmvDont Try This At Home - Part 134020 KB
12.05.2004 14:39:01
DaNang-lol.aviSometimes it's very hard to get a VC Flag!
By Ximena-ITALIA
8276 KB
14.05.2004 11:43:36
Epos_008_3_Canyons_6.rarOur Heros finally arrived at Bahnar Village for extraction.
But ... wtf ...
16338 KB
14.05.2004 13:24:30
FoxxxyMap.zipTerrain and sky files for maps.4192 KB
15.05.2004 18:11:43
Hdust_Terains.rarTerrain and sky files for maps.5629 KB
15.05.2004 18:11:56
smallobject_pack.rarCollection of objects for maps.1136 KB
15.05.2004 18:12:22
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