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Filename Description Size Category Date
Server fix.rarUnofficial CD key in use server patch for Vietcong 2. This will allow a server to run with out any more annoying CD key in use errors.

It will not stop a client from getting the error, unless they are playing on a server that has installed this patch.

Thanks to John Hanniball Smith for making it!

1123 KB
19.12.2005 09:17:18
smallobject_pack.rarCollection of objects for maps.1136 KB
15.05.2004 18:12:22
girls.zipVC 2 Girl Mod
made by John Hannibal Smith

Changes :
-play as girls
-a little more blood
-changed some of the class and weapon properties

You can only play on servers using the mod.
or you can host your own

Install instructions inside

enjoy ... I did :D
1146 KB
26.04.2006 14:00:21
mirc603.exemIRC v6.03
Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client.
1187 KB
16.02.2005 21:15:29
ventrilo-2.1.4-Windows-i386.exeVentrilo (2.1.4) client to use for voice com on The Meat Grinder Vietcong 2 servers

TMG Ventrilo server address is and port 3784.

After the installation is done, go to Setup, select the Global tab and uncheck the Check for new version checkbox.

If you update the software it will no longer work with the server because the versions are incompatible.
1305 KB
28.02.2008 16:50:23

Coop version for Cement_Dust by Exper

Mode : Coop
Players : 10
1356 KB
02.09.2012 01:13:01
VET_DAHNTU.rarWe found an interesting map in the editor and decided to make it CTF, DM, TDM, and ATG. This is a perfect map made for total mayhem clan battles or just for fun...This map is too small for making it Coop.
1514 KB
31.08.2005 05:13:33
XmasReplays.rar2 Replays of the poor chabs who were on Christmas duty1551 KB
25.12.2005 14:38:45
(wf)trenchwar.rar(WF) TrenchWar

Players : 10
Mode : coop
VC : 52

Map by (WF) clan
1709 KB
28.08.2012 15:09:27
VC2EditorPackFurniture.rarVC2EditorPackFurniture_20061217181444.JPGFurniture Pack for VC2

Heres another addon for your G folders for VC2 editor

I tested all objects for their collisions. Some of these are also in your VC2 editor (not many)...but this is necessary if you want maps converted from VC1 to VC2...

Place this folder within your G folder you have made (in your root VC2 folder)...then open the VC2 Editor. The select Tools-->Rebuild TexDB-->File-->Open-->Yourmap.sco-->View-->Editor Panel-->On.
Then select the Database tab...near the bottom click the button marked "Refresh"...then your Furniture folder will appear, and the textures are on all the objects...

Rick (Chavez_US)
1743 KB
17.12.2006 18:15:24
DustGlas.rarThis is a 20 player ATG map of unknown origin. This map does not have coop mode.1790 KB
21.07.2009 01:23:19
Rude Kostry - Vietcong Theme.mp3Extended Vietcong theme music by Rude Kostry!1836 KB
23.02.2008 14:21:02
WaterstationMadness1.rarReplay file of the Waterstation Madness of 20.01.06

1838 KB
21.01.2006 13:09:10
RifleRangeAssault.rarOk this map has a few differnet game modes to Tommy's version TDM, DM, CTF and ATG.

Its not really meant to rival Tommy's one but is really fun played in TDM and could maybe made an entry in the saturady special in ATG mode!

To get the radio working follow the readme file included.
1899 KB
04.07.2006 16:48:12
(TRL)SkyMayhem.rarSkyMayhem uploaded at request of certain others ;)

Unsure of author or any other details.
1995 KB
(TRL) / (TRX)
04.07.2006 16:46:42
TMG-CoopTest.7zTest level utilizing the scripts found in inc\tmg. There's a lot of weird and fun stuff going on. :)

THIS IS NOT A WORKING LEVEL TO USE IN THE GAME!!! If you're not interested in VC1 editing there's no point in downloading this. :)

- Don
2071 KB
19.02.2009 20:45:18
VC2EditorPackBuildings.rarVC2EditorPackBuildings_20061217181728.JPGheres another step up for the VC2 Editors...

Buildings from the VC1 Fist Alpha Editor...

Unfortunately the collisions didnt work for 80% of the buildings...I will try to get those working if i have the time...

The components for this addon (to your G folder) are the VC1 buildings that work perfectly fine in the VC2 editor (tested for the associated sounds and collisions by me...)

Its preferred if you first download the VC2EditorPackNature.rar first before you download this file...

Rick (Chavez/Chavez_US/Indiglow Rick)

2419 KB
17.12.2006 18:17:28
(trl)waterfall.rarCOOP map : (trl)Waterfall

File obtained from :

Damn snipers, damn there eyes.

Again a massive thanks to the map creator !!!!

*Extreme Content...........Be Advised Ladies*
2477 KB
(TRL) / (TRX)
04.07.2006 16:50:20

COOP map : (trl)Waterfall2

With thanks to author for update. File obtained from :

2556 KB
(TRL) / (TRX)
04.07.2006 16:49:31
ITM NVA Base Knife Duel.wmvA Knife Fight on the Playground2604 KB
19.04.2004 15:10:11
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