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Vietcong Fist Alphas classic map

CTF - 25 US Soldiers versus 25 Vietnamese
Coop 12 US versus 100+ VC

Grab your guns and get ready for the second tour in 'Nam !!!

(Ported from VC1 to VC2)

by Chavez_US and Nix

31814 KB
23.11.2006 09:51:59
VET_HAMBURGERHILL.rarthumb.bmpThis was one of our first releases for VC1. It had several issues that were fixed...

Grow.dat was removed (caused alot of problems for players)
Sandbags were fixed
New scripts were put in (Youll like SAS Oz's scripts)
VET logos added in a few places
Snakes added
Lights placed in the tunnels atop
Flashlight activated in scripts
Weapons stay on the ground when you die (for TeamCoop players)
More waypoints added/changed
Handmap works
AI tweaked for different personalities (10 different personalities all random in each grouping)...every restart the AI will each have a different personality...

This map was made for both Coop ( 10 US Soldiers versus 51 VC )
and CTF ( 25 US Soldiers versus 25 Vietnamese )

Enjoy this as we did the last several nights of beta testing...

V.E.T.ME.T. (VietnamEliteTeamworkMapEditingTeam)


Visit our website at your convemience...
17530 KB
23.11.2006 19:14:00
FistBravo_1.1.rarA new version of a Vietcong 2 modification made by IndiGLOW studios.

Instalation: Run "Patcher.exe". This will launch an installation program that will lead you thru the rest of installation.
Do NOT forget to remove previous version of Fist Bravo and any other mods from you Vietcong2 folder before installing !

Changes from previous version:
-Texdb issue of white walls in Hue City/Citadel related maps (Park DM etc)
-Unicode error with French and German etc. Languages
-Missing text in all languages
-3pv Smoke grenade now appears in player hands
-re-evalulated CTF/ASSAULT weapon lists; especially so that M16A1 is more class specific
-bigger difference between AK and Chicom (Ak is now more superior)
-reduced weapon stay times to 2.5 mins from 5 to prevent 'weapon graveyards'
-More historical weapon names
-3pv grenade skins appearing mirrored
-update M67 grenade menu icon

New Content
-modified thompson, xm177e1 and vz.59 sight
-new vc pith helmet in green

-Project Co-ordinators-
Luke 'Oi Oi' Stafford
Andrew 'Andyman' Forster

-Fist Bravo Project Leader-
Jayden 'Zulto' Zullo

-3DSMax Technician-
Ron 'Major Pain' Richter

-Text Translators-
Christophe 'engager Baleine' Robert (French, Spanish, Italian)
Petr Deadfast (Czech)
Ron 'Major Pain' Richter (German)

-Very Special Thanks-
Jiri 'Shigor Birdman' Matyskiewicz

-Beta Testers-
Kylie 'Dynamite' Holdstock
)(tc RaptorM60
)(tc MauT!nek
)(tc Dogg
5523 KB
06.12.2006 15:32:03
3DSMax.OBJPlugs.rarHere are some plugins that you can use for your 3dsmax versions...

this will allow you to export your max objects/terrains from higher max versions to lower max versions (and vice versa) without errors...

Choose export (or import) wavefront ?.OBJ and youre good to go...

Rick (Chavez/Chavez_US)
42 KB
11.12.2006 07:28:37
WCXplugin.rarThis plugin allows the Editors to get the proper files from the packed .cbf formats in the maps folder

This is required to make VC1 maps into VC2 maps...

Place this extracted file into your root Total Commander folder

18 KB
16.12.2006 17:37:47
vietcong_fistalpha_mpdemo.exeVietcong: Fist Alpha Multiplayer Demo

178985 KB
17.12.2006 07:10:16
VC2EditorPackFurniture.rarVC2EditorPackFurniture_20061217181444.JPGFurniture Pack for VC2

Heres another addon for your G folders for VC2 editor

I tested all objects for their collisions. Some of these are also in your VC2 editor (not many)...but this is necessary if you want maps converted from VC1 to VC2...

Place this folder within your G folder you have made (in your root VC2 folder)...then open the VC2 Editor. The select Tools-->Rebuild TexDB-->File-->Open-->Yourmap.sco-->View-->Editor Panel-->On.
Then select the Database tab...near the bottom click the button marked "Refresh"...then your Furniture folder will appear, and the textures are on all the objects...

Rick (Chavez_US)
1743 KB
17.12.2006 18:15:24
VC2EditorPackBuildings.rarVC2EditorPackBuildings_20061217181728.JPGheres another step up for the VC2 Editors...

Buildings from the VC1 Fist Alpha Editor...

Unfortunately the collisions didnt work for 80% of the buildings...I will try to get those working if i have the time...

The components for this addon (to your G folder) are the VC1 buildings that work perfectly fine in the VC2 editor (tested for the associated sounds and collisions by me...)

Its preferred if you first download the VC2EditorPackNature.rar first before you download this file...

Rick (Chavez/Chavez_US/Indiglow Rick)

2419 KB
17.12.2006 18:17:28
VC2EditorPackNature.rarVC2EditorPackNature_20061217181800.JPGheres a step up for you VC2 editors out there...

I proudly present all of the Nature objects from VC1's Fist Alpha. I'm also including a notepad for the description to each Czech name for the objects in the Nature pack categories...

More packs will come within the next few weeks...

Rick [ Chavez/Chavez_US ( Co-founder ) ]
11647 KB
17.12.2006 18:18:00
VC2EditorPackEQUIP.rarVC2EditorPackEQuiP_20061218012207.JPGEQUIPMENT PACK for VC2 Editor

Yet another addition for your G folders...

The equipments in this addon DO NOT HAVE ANY COLLSIONS...there are 3 of them that might affect your maps...they are noted in the information text file within the folder i packed...

Make sure you CUT then paste the contents from this G folder i made...otherwise you will have a G folder within a G folder...and that wont work well...

Rick (Chavez_US)
3054 KB
18.12.2006 01:22:08
supplytrail_beta1.rarsuplytrail1_20061224154452.jpgAuthor: Vatu

Instalation: Unpack content of archive into your Vietcong2\maps directory.

Game modes:
Coop 10 players against 60 bots
CTF 32 payers
TDM 10 players
DM 10 players
42459 KB
29.12.2006 15:04:51

The Vietcong have taken control of an island off the southern coast of Vietnam. It is rumored the VC are stockpiling shipments of weapons and ammunition from USSR. Your mission is to regain control of the island by wiping out all opposition...

10 US Coop versus 51 Vietcong

*This WAS VET_Dau Tieng, but it had some issues that needed addressed:

1. Handmap made for this, (there wasnt one before)
2. Less grass, (more visibility)
3. New bunkers, (old ones were made from stretched items)
4. Better FPS (Added Dummys and Clip distances)
5. OZ's scripts for the VC (10 different random temperments everytime the map is restarted)

Compliments of VETMET (VietnamEliteTeamworkMapEditingTeam)

Rick (Chavez_US)

14161 KB
31.12.2006 10:32:20
vc2hamburgerhill.rarhamburgerhill_20061230142506.jpgHamburger Hill for VC2 by Thoben(?)

Game modes:
34798 KB
01.01.2007 11:37:26
TMG-Cathedral_v1.rarFound this old project on my HDD ...

TMG-Cathedral_v1 by Tommy Bonez

10player coop map

-as I dont have VC2 installed anymore, u got to take the map as it is, but I hope the map is ok
40137 KB
30.01.2007 18:34:05
TMG-Bridge_part2_v1.rar...and another old (and the last) project I found

TMG-Bridge part 2 by Tommy Bonez

10player Coop map

-as I dont have VC2 installed anymore, I hope this map works fine and u have some fun
16274 KB
30.01.2007 18:54:43
TourKnifeFights.rarshort movie showin some knife fights and kill20445 KB
30.01.2007 19:22:59
VET_PMT_NUILEI.rarNLscreen01_20070218194650.jpgPMT-Pterodon Modding Team releases Nui Lei

VET-Vietnam Elite Teamwork finalized for COOP

A nice map that will take an Elite Team to complete.

There are some bugs but none that will crash any server.

26699 KB
18.02.2007 19:46:50
VET_PMTCITADEL.rarCscreen01_20070218200127.jpgPMT releases CITADEL

VET textured 3DS Max file and finalized for COOP

It will take an Elite Team to take all 50 VC out of the temple area.
11141 KB
18.02.2007 20:01:27
AmbushV2.rarAmbush, converted version from VC1
35980 KB
21.02.2007 11:17:34
cambodia.rarCambodia converted from VC1, small, less gooks, but real dangerous, they are hiding and camping close to their camp.
Find all gooks!
38461 KB
23.02.2007 21:29:18
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