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ProtectStormBaseDuskUST2S.zipProtectStormBaseDuskUST2S by WRX_02_227

Supports Coop and ATG


10 players

50 VC (30 of them will run into the base "frontier" style)

4 mounted M-60's... you might need them ;-)

ATG - Pilot

24 players

Hope you all enjoy this map.

Sometimes the VC won't run up if the "restartmap" command is given. I have the same thing happen on Frontier too so I don't know what it is.
5604 KB
07.06.2004 07:11:10
renamed_1RFrontline.zipFixed version of [1R]Frontline for the [1R]Map pack.

5065 KB
Map packs
04.07.2006 16:35:09
renamed_1RMapPack.ace[1R]MapPack by [1R]FoxTrot
Thats right you need it, you want it, you got it... a trip to the past!
Visit Foxtrot's history of map making.......
Included in this pack in order of creation are........

1. NhuTangVillage.
Holds 20 with modes CTF,DM,RW and ATG-Pilot.
My very first map.

2. QuangNgai.
Holds 30 with CTF mode.
My 2nd map small and intense.

3. MyLaiMassacre.
Urban/Jungle/Rainy Day.
Holds 64 with CTF mode.
My 3rd map larger but still fast paced.

4. Ridge.
Holds 20 with CTF and ATG modes.
4th in the line up is a bloodbath map.

5. Frontline.
Busted up Urban/Day.
Holds 40 with CTF,ATG and ATG-Pilot modes.
Last but not least and probably my favorite yet. Small lots of cover and a bloodbath of a map.

All maps have been redone to fix errors with in them hope they're all in order now =) Hope you see some improvement over the course of them.

Happy Gaming,
ACE archive, use WinRAR to extract.
22362 KB
Map packs
04.07.2006 16:35:17
Residence.rarResidence20666 KB
02.09.2012 01:07:22

Thank you for trying {US} Teamwork to Survives FIRST CUSTOM MAP!!!

Created by: Pvt. Dj Swift

A.I. Scripting by: WRX_02_227

Thank you to all Beta testers: WRX_02_227, Raptor, Liveround, Viet-Commando, Capt. Gray, Spookey, Lt. Goldman,
Kroenen-Blitzkrieg, Twilight Dark, ArchAngel, and Pestilence. Couldn't have done it without you!!

Game Modes:

Coop for 10 players with 54 VC

C.T.F. for 40 players. Very fair map!! Ammo boxes are inside towers above each flag.

ATG-Pilot for 31 players

Hope everyone enjoys this map. Remember tactics are the key to success in this map, a "Rambo" will die in seconds!

Known bugs:

1: Handmap in Coop works fine until map is won by the US. Then it will change to NVAbase for some reason.

Anymore bugs? Post a message at
18715 KB
03.07.2006 19:42:39
RifleRangeAssault.rarOk this map has a few differnet game modes to Tommy's version TDM, DM, CTF and ATG.

Its not really meant to rival Tommy's one but is really fun played in TDM and could maybe made an entry in the saturady special in ATG mode!

To get the radio working follow the readme file included.
1899 KB
04.07.2006 16:48:12
RisingSun.rar.torrentVietcong: Rising Sun Addon

You need to have a BitTorrent client installed if you want to download this file! Some free clients: BitComet, Azureus, uTorrent.

A initial seed is provided for all files but it's quite slow, we need people to seed the files. So, when you download the file keep seeding it at least for some time.

This addon contains 4 exciting singleplayer missions and 8 tremendous multiplayer maps which are ready for you to fight with your friends or make your clanwars.

Additional to the normal gamemodes you know from Vietcong or Vietcong: Fist Alpha, there is a new gamemode called HtB (Hold the Base) and many more different Coop modes. E.g. UsTCoop with bots on your side or VcCoop. On some maps you can play CTF with bots against bots. May you know this game mode CTFBots from Red Dawn. Skins and new sounds - especially many new weapon sounds - diversify to the old "Vietcong life". In Coop night missions you can use the lightstick as a little special to get a better perspective.
22 KB
17.07.2006 15:05:54
RisingSun_VET_KHOTHAN.rarVCK's MOD single player version we have converted to Coop. The supply truck has been ambushed at the dam, and we cannot afford to lose the precious cargo to the Vietcong. Take your Elite team of soldiers and wipe out all VC and recover the supplies. Good luck!

10 US players vs. 43 Vietcong

5478 KB
31.07.2005 04:40:34
riverdale.exeRiverdale MP map including coop mode.
Install into Vietcong\Maps folder!
19686 KB
24.11.2007 16:03:01
Rude Kostry - Vietcong Theme.mp3Extended Vietcong theme music by Rude Kostry!1836 KB
23.02.2008 14:21:02
SecondTrailNightUST2S.zipSecondTrailNightUST2S from Pvt. Dj Swift

- Coop only

- 10 player support

- 54 VC
7668 KB
06.09.2004 10:38:45
SecondTrailUST2S.zipSecondTrailUST2S by Pvt. Dj Swift

Gotta get to ThreeCanyons you say...take the SecondTrailUST2S way.

Very, VERY Long map designed with TEAMWORK in mind ;-)

Supports Coop mode

6 players

56 VC

Have a grand ole' time!!!
6385 KB
05.06.2004 19:32:51
Serpent2UST2S.zipSerpent2UST2S by Kroenen-Blitzkrieg

Kroenens first attempt with the editor. Using WRX's Coop scripts ;-)

Coop is the only game mode supported.

- 49 VC

- 10 player support!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have fun!
2933 KB
13.08.2004 09:27:49
SerpentUST2S.zipSerpentUST2S created by Raptor {D}

52 VC

Lots and Lots of running to next area of VC. The VC are set-up in ambushing formations and some are very well hidden.

P.S. The Jeep works but sometimes you get kicked or killed for cheating so use at own risk. Also the Jeep doesn't even go that far. It was in there for Single Player and was not removed.
4224 KB
06.05.2004 04:32:53
Server fix.rarUnofficial CD key in use server patch for Vietcong 2. This will allow a server to run with out any more annoying CD key in use errors.

It will not stop a client from getting the error, unless they are playing on a server that has installed this patch.

Thanks to John Hanniball Smith for making it!

1123 KB
19.12.2005 09:17:18

nice custom coop map

map creator : [AGU]sheppo
4609 KB
09.02.2012 18:42:24
Skin Pack.rarVC2 arm textures. For adding of tour badge.281 KB
26.04.2006 13:59:58
smallobject_pack.rarCollection of objects for maps.1136 KB
15.05.2004 18:12:22

20 US

This is our base on Nui Pek, where we meets before missions. Perfect for briefings etc.

23172 KB
25.11.2007 15:50:29

Find the enemy base located on the north from LZ. Kill radioman and all others gooks. Then defend the base against VC reinforcements.

12US human COOP


12US human and 2VC human REAL mode.
29881 KB
17.02.2008 19:55:37
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