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COOP (best in Vietcong Mode)

Thanks to =extreme= @ DSOP

Have fun in da jungle!!!!!!
17099 KB
04.07.2006 16:55:18
Devilsbridge.zipGoooooookssss !!!!!!

=SFX= Devils Bridge (.rar file version dated 07.11.2004)

Map Name: Devils Bridge BETA
Version: 0.88b
Game Modes: CTF, RW, DM, TDM, COOP

Instructions: Unzip all files to (..\vietcong\maps\) folder and then run the game

Author: Luke Stafford A.K.A Phreakzoid

Copyright: 2003-2004 PTERODON, Ltd. | All Rights Reserved.
Please contact the author for distibution rights.

Known Bugs

- Water Splash @ Wrong range
- FirstPersonView - Mini Map does not work
- Kick for Speed Cheat if you fall to far

Report Bugs to

- Please Note: 'Devils Bridge' has been renamed to '=SFX= Devils Bridge' please remove and older versions of the files to avoid in game conflicts and crashes
25119 KB
04.07.2006 16:55:25
KaySin.rarKaySin Valley

COOP (best in Vietcong Mode)

Thanks to DSOP Apache

11120 KB
04.07.2006 16:55:32[JPV] Betrayer (Beta 3)

A base map is 'Crash in the jungle'(Single mission map).


- The Chopper fell into the jungle.
Correspondence has stopped near the ruins which the rescue team of a forerunner has on a route.
Although pilot rescue is priority, if possible, join an advance party and return.
It seems that there are many some incomprehensible occurrence in ...,
however this incident. Although it is unidentified, there is rumor that 'Betrayer' is.
It's unknown who it is.
It seems that fog is also deep...
Although it is the worst conditions, please perform a mission carefully....

Mission Mode:
- Coop
Missions are continued although a pilot dies.


- Real-Time fog system. (The depth of a thick fog changes to a real time at random.)
- Reinforcement system by BOT (5 persons). (Sorry. Directions can't be issued)
Two persons(Limand Crocker) follow at the beginning and Pilot and two advance parties(Nhut and Nguyen) join.
Crocker,Nguyen and Pilot is medic. (It approaches and treats by the 'F' key)
- Automatic voice speech system.
- Objective display system. (A objective can be checked by the 'TAB' key)
- All AI is randomizing spawn point system.
- A recovery point is changing system, into five points on a map according to advance.
- 'Whole Team' game is no recovery system.
- The map end rule is 'Time' and 'Points' system.
- Maximum player is 10.
- AI (VC) is 49 persons.
- Multi story system. (A betrayer changes.)


Move a *.cbf and *.dat file to vietcong/maps Folder.
8663 KB
04.07.2006 16:55:38
KF-Special.rar[VCK]KF-Special by [VCK]Mike


The Pilot crashed again, but this Time the Story runs an other Way. The
Pilot has captured a VC-Uniform and stolen some urgent Documents and must
reach the US-Base.
The whole point of the Mod is that nobody knows: who is the Pilot? All US
must be careful on shooting VC's, because one US is the Spy wearing a
The VC's don't know: who of them is the Spy. He might shot them from behind.
You have to look carefully to distinguish the Spy from the VC's.
The Respawnpoints for US and VC are placed on the whole Map, therefore:
watch out, the Enemy can be everywhere.

All US-Soldiers wear the VCK-Logo on their Arms.

The Map supports ATG-Spy and the TT-Mode for up to 40 Players.

you can see some pictures in our board:
9376 KB
04.07.2006 16:55:46[JPV]TetBeta2 Coop map
8113 KB
04.07.2006 16:55:55
TheOldChurch_v1_1.zipMap Name: The Old Church
Version: 1.1
Game Modes: CTF, COOP

Instructions: Unzip all files to (..\vietcong\maps\) folder and then run the game

Author: Luke Stafford A.K.A Phreakzoid

Copyright: 2003-2004 PTERODON, Ltd. | All Rights Reserved.
Please contact the author for distibution rights.
12452 KB
04.07.2006 16:56:02
SunriseCE.rarSunriseCE, VC Coop map
By [VCK]Mike
7545 KB
04.07.2006 16:57:48
NoMansLandV_4.rarNoMansLandV2 Beta 4 by Gardner21726 KB
04.07.2006 16:58:01
Tha_HooD_Anget1.0.zipTha Hood Anget 1.0
5605 KB
04.07.2006 16:58:10
thelakece-fgmd-mp.zipTheLakeCE by fRagiLeMOD13231 KB
04.07.2006 16:58:18
AShauValley.zipAshau Valley Completed version by Chris Tsamados.
COOP, RW and CTF game modes.
4337 KB
04.07.2006 16:58:29
MeatGrinderNightMapPack5.rarMap pack for The Meat Grinder Saturday Special #7 on 1.5.2004!

Maps included:
VCK Killing Fields - BOMB
Lost Paradise - Pilot
20915 KB
Map packs
04.07.2006 16:59:10
MeatGrinderNightMapPack4.rarThe Map Pack you need for the Meat Grinder Night of 24 04 04
Including Enemy Territory and Vietnambeta2
29049 KB
Map packs
04.07.2006 16:59:21
MeatGrinderNightMapPack3.rarThe Maps u need for the Grinder Night of 17 04 04
Including : Ganja Land and ITM NVA Base
16040 KB
Map packs
04.07.2006 16:59:30
MeatGrinderNightMapPack2.rarThe Mappack you need for the Meat Grinder Night of 10 04
ITM The Island
The Village
33652 KB
Map packs
04.07.2006 16:59:53
cw_prophet.exeProphet BETA MP map with ATG, CTF, DM and TDM game modes.
Install into Vietcong\Maps folder!
12885 KB
04.07.2006 17:00:05
MeatGrinderNightMapPack1.rarThe Meat Grinder Night Map Pack #1
You need this map pack to play on the server during the Saturday Special #3 on 3.4.2004!

Install into Vietcong\ folder!

Maps included in the pack:
No Mans Land
Smoke Port

71272 KB
Map packs
04.07.2006 17:00:11
frontier-coop-patch.exeFrontier MP map coop patch.
Install into Vietcong folder!
439 KB
04.07.2006 17:00:22
Vietcong-RedDawn.rar.torrentVietcong: Red Dawn as a BitTorrent file.

You need to have a BitTorrent client installed if you want to download this file! Some free clients: BitComet, Azureus, uTorrent.

A initial seed is provided for all files but it's quite slow, we need people to seed the files. So, when you download the file keep seeding it at least for some time.

If you prefer using eMule (or any other eDonkey network compatible client) here's a ed2k LINK.
I'm providing the release seed for the file.

UPDATE 2006-07-04: Torrent file updated, I'm hosting it on my own tracker
24 KB
04.07.2006 17:57:02
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