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Filename Description Size Category Date
WaterIFLPack.rarCreating IFL's in 3dsmax tutorial and several texture folders with textures for doing them...

Compliments of Chavez_US/Chavez

Visit our website at your convenience
4567 KB
16.12.2005 07:21:22
Server fix.rarUnofficial CD key in use server patch for Vietcong 2. This will allow a server to run with out any more annoying CD key in use errors.

It will not stop a client from getting the error, unless they are playing on a server that has installed this patch.

Thanks to John Hanniball Smith for making it!

1123 KB
19.12.2005 09:17:18
XmasReplays.rar2 Replays of the poor chabs who were on Christmas duty1551 KB
25.12.2005 14:38:45
BasicEditingPack.rarthis is a basic tutorial so you can set up the correct file structure for editing , also includes the correct files for coop map making...included inside is 54 scripts for vc set to battlemode with one A.I. machinegunner, and also the dxtex tool so you can view textures associated w/ objects...make sure you have editor downloaded...please read instruction notepads in each section before setting this up in your levels folder (within the vietcong folder...)

Have fun and enjoy the tutorials within the editor....

Each map i create averages 30+ hours...but WE (all of us the die hard editors from all the different entities) help keep this game alive...something new every 3 weeks or so it seems...i hope Vietcong#2 has an editor for it!....


****UPDATED 12-28-05****

104 KB
29.12.2005 07:14:22
VET_THUNDER.rarYou are part of a hand-picked Elite team of 10 Special Ops soldiers. A high ranking pilot has been shot down behind enemy lines. Your mission is to locate the downed pilot. The Vietcong have intercepted radio communications and are looking for him. Naturally they will thwart any rescue attempts. Take out all enemy threats, re-secure area, and determine if the pilot is dead or alive.

10 US vs. 52 VC
19004 KB
31.12.2005 12:11:44

The last stand, in the city of Hue, is the heavily fortified Citadel. It will take an Elite team of 12 soldiers to take the main bunker, and kill the 50 VC regulars guarding the ancient site. Good luck!

This has been Updated because we added CTF 12 vs 12, TDMC and made some minor scripting changes with VC... (January 2nd, 2006)

Sorry for any inconvenience...this IS the absolute final version!
21024 KB
02.01.2006 22:51:32
Helemt pack.rarHeres a pack which contains two helmets that can be edited. They are in the DDS format so you will need to get a DDS plugin for photoshop to edit them.

Send the files to me (Chris).

65 KB
20.01.2006 19:00:28
WaterstationMadness1.rarReplay file of the Waterstation Madness of 20.01.06

1838 KB
21.01.2006 13:09:10
TMG_Jeep_Madness.rarTMG Jeep Madness (01 ?) The Video :D

Some crazy Jeep Jumps,Crash,Action video cuts

and remember ... Dont Drink and Drive
29021 KB
22.01.2006 14:51:24
VET_RADIORELAY.rarFist Alpha mission is to defend a critical communications post. Vc have sacked nearby firebases in the first week of the TET offensive and intel says they are heading this way. Your mission is to defend this vital communicatios post and keep you and your team alive. Teamwork is a must to complete this mission. Keep your head down when you start this as the VC have already begun their attack. One Life, One Mission, Good Luck!

10 Elite US players vs. 51 viscious attacking VC.

Compliments of the VietnamEliteTeamworkMapEditingTeam[VETMET]

5059 KB
20.02.2006 06:41:48
VET_SWAMP.rarThe North Vietnamese have established a stronghold, on the infamous Ho Chi Minh Trail. You and your hand picked team of specialists are ordered to search and destroy all the enemy in the area. Remember these NVA regulars are very well disiplined, and they are experts in the art of concealment. Good Luck.

12 Elite US Soldiers versus 50 VC Regulars

Compliments of VETMET (Vietnam Elite Teamwork Map Editing Team)

Visit our website at your convenience

19242 KB
28.02.2006 04:53:42
VET_FRONTVC.rarVC intel has indicated a nearby US firebase. Mission is to locate the US firebase and take it out. Youll need a full team of highly trained VC Regulars and possibly two medics. Good Luck!

compliments of VETMET (Vietnam Elite Teamwork Map Editing Team)

visit our website at your convenience

23375 KB
28.02.2006 05:29:40
TMG-ClassifiedIntervention.rarTMG Classified Intervention by Tommy Bonez
Duplication of Escape map (VC SP)

54 VCs vs 10 US

Make sure you clean the whole Vietcong supporting village before you move out to search the jungle,swamp and temple for remaining forces
16842 KB
10.03.2006 16:54:43

Your Elite team has been ordered to "sweep and clear" a jungle swamp. Intel reports there is a large cache of supplies being kept in a Villiage, code named Baker. A chopper will be dispatched once you have secured Baker, and rid the area of the enemy. Good luck!

12 US Special Forces versus 52 Vietcong

Compliments of VETMET (Vietnam Elite Teamwork Map Editing Team)

Visit our website at your convenience

18102 KB
15.03.2006 03:36:40
VET_MEDICPATROL.rarA jeep with 3 US soldiers havent returned from a medic patrol to a nearby village. Mission is to go search and recover them...Area is hot!

10 US Soldiers versus 50 highly trained VC regualrs...

Compliments of VETMET (Vietnam Elite Teamwork Map Editing Team)

17730 KB
16.03.2006 02:12:04

Fist Alpha unit has infiltrated a key position along the Ho Chi Minh trail. Your elite squad of Vietnamese regulars have orders to clear the trail of these US dogs. Send all the yankee pigs home in body-bags, and re-open the trail for our critical war supplies. Chit nein!

12 VC versus 50 US Soldiers

Compliments of VETMET (Vietnam Elite Teamwork Map Editing Team)

Visit our website at your convenience

9536 KB
17.03.2006 08:05:21
Tour_of_respawn_1.mpgEnjoy Italian Soldier's first video: 'Tour of Teamrespawn - Image video.'26727 KB
22.03.2006 00:51:15

General T. L. Travy of Battle Command, has given the following orders. Your mission gentlemen is to go over the border into Cambodia. The North Vietnamese Army, under the command of Colonel Fa Kue, have a camp that they are operating hit and run raids from. These raids are inflicting heavy casualties on American soldiers. Your mission is simple, destroy the camp and all the NVA. including Colonel Kue ...Good Luck.

10 US Elite Soldiers vs. 52 VC

Compliments of VETMET

Visit our website at your convenience

13731 KB
25.03.2006 07:54:39
This mod was developed initially address the problem the M79, RPG 7, M16/ XM148 and LAW cause on a game, namely a lot of spamming. It does this by removing the LAW from the basic Infantry class and only allowing the more experienced Marine/ Soldier/ Commando access to it. It also removes the M79, RPG 7 and M16/ XM148 from the Marine/ Soldier and Commando classes and only allows it access to the Grenadier/ VC Grenadier classes. These can then easily be limited or removed using the class limiter mutator. So if you want you can have a server without these weapons. The only weapon you will have is the LAW which the Marine/ Soldier can choose, but if you have rpg mode on only experienced players will be able to choose it.
When I had completed these changes I then also went on to make a lot more changes designed to make the game more realistic, these are all listed below.
It is worth noting that when the editor is released I will do a new version that removes the vehicles I added. This is because they have overwritten the M48 and T34 tank files, so when someone designs a map with these vehicles if played through this mod the vehicles will be the M113 APC and P403 Pickup respectively.

Please see readme for installation instructions and list of changes.
8248 KB
26.04.2006 13:57:37
TMG_Stunt_N_Fun_A2.rarTMG-Sunt N Fun mod alpha 2 for VC2

Install and play Instructions inside

Changes :

All Game Modes :

VC - Civilian look
US - Semi Millitia look (+Priest)

US none Headgear is possible
Some changed textures for US Headgear

US added more Voices (now 18)
also changed some voice commands

More Blood

Stamina raised to 500

Added Wine Glass as forced weapon (like knife)

Changed US Jeep to Pink Cadillac
Changed VC Jeep to Blue Pick Up
Changed VC Tank to Ontos Tank

Known Vehicle issues :

Vehicles dont work on Checkpoint Coop
The Cadillac only got 1st person view and is undestroyable
Also when you drive against the sun in the Cadillac the view is "strange"
The Ontos Gunner and MG view is "strange"


Assault , Coop and CTF changes :

US and VC Comando are now Killer Babes
Choose US Head 15 or VC Head 18 to properly play this class !!

Weapon Changes :
All US Pistols to choose from in player menu
All VC Pistols to choose from in player menu
All US Classes got Trombone
All VC Classes got Trombone
All US Classes got Claymores except Sniper , he got Traps
All VC Classes got Claymores except Sniper , he got Traps

US Infantry added RPG7
VC Fighter added RPG7
US Eng added M16XM148
VC Eng added RPG7
US Medic , no medic helmet , added M79
VC Medic , no medic helmet , added RPG7
US Gunner added RPG7
VC Gunner added RPG7
US Marine added XM 177
VC Soldier added STG44
US Radio added M79
VC Radio added RPG7
US Sniper added RPG7 and Smoke Nades
VC Sniper added RPG7 and Smoke Nades
US Killer Babe added M60
VC Killer Babe added Dektarev


DM and TDM changes :

NO Killer Babes !!!!!!!!!!!


...maybe I forgot some things ...?:D

7031 KB
26.04.2006 13:58:31
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