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a coop map that is played online

map creator : ?
3659 KB
09.02.2012 11:50:44
DownStreamDuskUST2S.zipDownStreamDuskUST2S by Pvt. Dj Swift

Nice long map here. Dj duplicated the Vietcong "credits" scene and added Coop and ATG to it. It's very nicely done. Teamwork is a must with this map ;-)

Supports Coop and ATG- Pilot modes


8 players

50 VC

ATG Pilot:

24 players
7269 KB
05.06.2004 19:23:50

old school map

map creator : Red Terror
7639 KB
09.02.2012 12:07:04
DustGlas.rarThis is a 20 player ATG map of unknown origin. This map does not have coop mode.1790 KB
21.07.2009 01:23:19
dxtex.rarDxTex tool

This tool is useful when you work with a texture .dds in photshop. For some reason the mipmaps are changed resulting in textures which stay in focus from all distances. For instance, a smooth texture located next to an over-pixelated texturte. This tool will help you get back the smooth appearance it had before you altered the origional .dds image in photoshop.

Once the DxTex tool is open and running do these following steps:
1. Select File open (locate your .dds image)
2. Select Format --> Change Surface Format
3. Select A8 R8 G8 B8 from the list
4. Save

Now you can rebuild texdb and reopen your scene...whalla! Smooth like the others :)

Rick (Chavez_US)
216 KB
27.08.2007 23:01:16

Some fun coop map that is played online

map creator : edd
4567 KB
09.02.2012 11:20:42
editor-v161.zipThe Vietcong editor v1.619007 KB
29.04.2004 09:33:05

ATG, DM, TDM, TT, CTF modes.
17198 KB
04.07.2006 16:36:31
Epos_003_3_Canyons_01.rarOur heros were send to search the 3 Canyons29004 KB
07.04.2004 13:19:34
Epos_004_3_Canyons_02.rarThe search goes on...27107 KB
14.04.2004 13:33:03
Epos_005_3_Canyons_03.rar...and on...19461 KB
22.04.2004 14:55:34
Epos_006_3_Canyons_04.rar...and on....20355 KB
30.04.2004 14:18:47
Epos_007_3_Canyons_5.rarOur Heros left the Canyons and head to extraction point at Bahnar Village19451 KB
07.05.2004 16:47:43
Epos_008_3_Canyons_6.rarOur Heros finally arrived at Bahnar Village for extraction.
But ... wtf ...
16338 KB
14.05.2004 13:24:30
Epos_009_Night_Ambush.rarThe Squad returned home at Nui Pek at Night...
Everythings nice and quiet ...
22912 KB
24.05.2004 16:31:55
Epos_010_Tin_Can_01.rarThe Squad is send to search some Vietnamese Metall ...19133 KB
30.05.2004 14:38:00
Epos_011_Operation_Tin_Can_02.wmv... they found some steel ...20266 KB
09.06.2004 00:44:48
ExtremeFogValley.rarThe first map of Extreme Forces Desing Team

This map have DM,TDM,CTF and COOP modes,for 64 players except COOP for 8 players.

The area size is large.
15484 KB
04.07.2006 16:49:56
ex_map_pack.rarExper's map pack.

Descriptions :

Cement_Dust_ex :
A coop version of the CTF classic.
Players : 12
stability: stable

CW_Prophet_ex :
A coop version of the Pterodon CTF/ATG map.
Players : 10. 53 VC
stability: stable

A TourCoop on Gianko Monzilla's Haiphong CTF map.
Mission : Kill VC Commander
Players : 10
stability: unstable

RiverDale_night_ex :
A coop night remake of the Pterodon map
Players : 12. 51 VC instead of 15.
stability : stable

Sniper_City_ex :
A coop version of 100%'s City map
Players : 12
stability: stable

Station_ex :
A coop version of Red Terror's CTF map
Players : 12. 46 VC
Stability: stable

SoV_Hanoi_v1.01_ex :
A coop version of Street Of Vietnam's Hanoi
Players: 13
Stability: stable

WWW_Chong_Hing_ex :
A coop version of WWWDaDude's Chong Hing
Players: 12
Stability : stable
bug : joinbug after mission started on teamrespawn mode

Old-River-Coop :
Polini's coop version of Shevket's CTF map
Players: 10. 49 VC
Stability: stable
121690 KB
Map packs
11.07.2011 10:24:13

Some Jarai version that is played online

map creator : ?
22499 KB
09.02.2012 11:27:29
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