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Filename Description Size Category Date
FistBravo_1.1.rarA new version of a Vietcong 2 modification made by IndiGLOW studios.

Instalation: Run "Patcher.exe". This will launch an installation program that will lead you thru the rest of installation.
Do NOT forget to remove previous version of Fist Bravo and any other mods from you Vietcong2 folder before installing !

Changes from previous version:
-Texdb issue of white walls in Hue City/Citadel related maps (Park DM etc)
-Unicode error with French and German etc. Languages
-Missing text in all languages
-3pv Smoke grenade now appears in player hands
-re-evalulated CTF/ASSAULT weapon lists; especially so that M16A1 is more class specific
-bigger difference between AK and Chicom (Ak is now more superior)
-reduced weapon stay times to 2.5 mins from 5 to prevent 'weapon graveyards'
-More historical weapon names
-3pv grenade skins appearing mirrored
-update M67 grenade menu icon

New Content
-modified thompson, xm177e1 and vz.59 sight
-new vc pith helmet in green

-Project Co-ordinators-
Luke 'Oi Oi' Stafford
Andrew 'Andyman' Forster

-Fist Bravo Project Leader-
Jayden 'Zulto' Zullo

-3DSMax Technician-
Ron 'Major Pain' Richter

-Text Translators-
Christophe 'engager Baleine' Robert (French, Spanish, Italian)
Petr Deadfast (Czech)
Ron 'Major Pain' Richter (German)

-Very Special Thanks-
Jiri 'Shigor Birdman' Matyskiewicz

-Beta Testers-
Kylie 'Dynamite' Holdstock
)(tc RaptorM60
)(tc MauT!nek
)(tc Dogg
5523 KB
06.12.2006 15:32:03
[jpv]killzonebeta3.zip10 player co-op map.

Mission objective: Kill all US.
5543 KB
04.07.2006 16:16:37
FistBravo_NoMaps.zipVietcong 2 Fist Bravo add-on (without maps)

This package includes only the Fist Bravo add-on without maps.

Installation: Unpack the .zip file to your Vietcong 2 folder.

More info about the addon at the Indiglow website
5561 KB
19.10.2006 05:52:29
ProtectStormBaseDuskUST2S.zipProtectStormBaseDuskUST2S by WRX_02_227

Supports Coop and ATG


10 players

50 VC (30 of them will run into the base "frontier" style)

4 mounted M-60's... you might need them ;-)

ATG - Pilot

24 players

Hope you all enjoy this map.

Sometimes the VC won't run up if the "restartmap" command is given. I have the same thing happen on Frontier too so I don't know what it is.
5604 KB
07.06.2004 07:11:10
Tha_HooD_Anget1.0.zipTha Hood Anget 1.0
5605 KB
04.07.2006 16:58:10
Hdust_Terains.rarTerrain and sky files for maps.5629 KB
15.05.2004 18:11:56
(TRX)TheWayBackPt2.zipThis mission is based on the multiplayer 'Stream' map.

A U.S. unit returning from a successful engagement with the VC at an outlying camp is confronted by massing hostile reinforcements.

Credits: Thanks to Faldo and Mr.Bronson for their creative input and help with testing of this map.
5723 KB
(TRL) / (TRX)
31.03.2008 01:20:29

Coop map for VC1 created by GONZO.

7 players
50 VCs
5728 KB
26.01.2010 22:15:19
Station.zipStation by Red Terror.

"Its a dark map set in a big metal complex station kinda thing. Its got lots cover, and quiet a few linear tunnels. There is a strong empthasis on the atmosphere of the map.


ATG (killall)
TDMC (team deathmatch classic - written by Don Turtuma).
DM "
5768 KB
04.07.2006 16:38:14
(wf)oscity.rar(WF) OsCity

Players : 10
VC : 51

Map by (WF) clan
5785 KB
28.08.2012 15:11:22
(TRX)TheWayBackPt3.zipThis mission is based on the multiplayer 'Stream' map.

Determined to defeat the aggressors, the VC continue their counter-attack in increasing numbers; the small U.S. team must hold out against the oncoming assault.

Credits: Thanks to Faldo and Shadow-Killer! for their creative input and help with testing of this map.
5800 KB
(TRL) / (TRX)
11.05.2008 01:44:09

- 10 player support for Coop mode

- Coop only!

- GREATLY improved FPS :-)

Many thanks to UST2S, The Tour of Teamrespawn, and The Meat Grinder players for beta testing, giving input, finding bugs.

Special thanks to Pvt. Dj Swift for creating the lookout stands, Don Turtuma with some scripting assistance, Xtreme and Perdurabo for helping me increase the FPS.

Have fun, and make sure you bring a helmet and a few friends with you into battle.
5804 KB
10.11.2004 00:55:20
27.09.2007 07:42:14
NVAbaseVcUST2S.zipNVAbaseVcUST2S by WRX_02_227

Play as VC!

Supports Coop mode

6 VC players

50 US

Kill those beef eaters!!!!
5832 KB
05.06.2004 19:56:21
BA_DauLang.rarBA DauLang

Nice map by Banjana

Mode : Coop
Players : 10
5959 KB
31.08.2012 14:03:45
[jpv]radiorelay2beta5.zip10 player co-op map.

Mission objective: Defend the hill against VC hordes. You must not let them reach the radio relay! There is postponement time for 2 minutes! Prepare for attack.
5975 KB
04.07.2006 16:15:51
FrenchRouteUST2Sv2FINAL.zipFrenchRouteUST2Sv2FINAL created by WRX_02_227

This is the updated final version. I really hope everyone likes it.

Game type support:

Coop mode for 6 players, with 35 "smarter" VC.

ATG bombing mode for 24 players.

The bomb must be placed in the "old French tower bunker"

This version was tested for days running both COOP and ATG. Couldn't find any bugs. I took my time and really made this one pretty good I think and the testers think so too.
6049 KB
09.05.2004 07:59:46
Cpark.rarSome coop map i played online
Map creator : ?
6130 KB
09.02.2012 11:16:58
DayAfterStormUST2S.zipDayAfterStormUST2S by WRX_02_227

Coop mode:
-6 players
-50 VC (45 have US weapons)

DayAfterStorm story

"Gentlemen, you hit the Vietcong hard yesterday but they have brought in reinforcements while you slept last night. They have ambushed a Supply Truck and stolen all weapons and ammo on board. Your mission this morning is to re-take the base and stop the Vietcong from using our weapons. The boys on the front line need those weapons and ammo very bad.

ATG bombing mode:
-24 players
-US bombs mortar

Map features:
-No rain, thunder or fog
-Working mini-map

Hope everyone one enjoys this. Has some great AI too :-)

6140 KB
24.05.2004 07:31:26
PortsUST2Sv2.zipPortsUST2Sv2 created by Pvt. Dj Swift

Supports COOP mode for 8 players

Spawn points are split 4 + 4

36 VC

The VC are smarter then ALL previous versions of other UST2S maps. This maps contains WRX_02_227's VC AI scripting. (little plug for me :-))

This map has been refined and tested for 2 weeks so you shouldn't encounter any bugs. We caught a lot of bugs and fixed them all.

Hope you enjoy!!!!
6182 KB
17.05.2004 09:35:42
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