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Filename Description Size Category Date
DamNhaPhu.zipName of the map : DamNhaPhu
Creators : Kjeldorius & Xeron
Size : 36.5 Mb
Players max : 30 (DM-TDM-DMC-TDMC)
Players min : 8 (Coop per objectives)
37163 KB
04.07.2006 16:33:58
DaNang-lol.aviSometimes it's very hard to get a VC Flag!
By Ximena-ITALIA
8276 KB
14.05.2004 11:43:36

Some coop on Gianko Monzilla's Da Nang
8479 KB
27.01.2012 22:22:02
DarkRiver-b1.rarDark River b1

Players : 6
Mode coop
Map : ?
7756 KB
30.08.2012 12:38:39

Mode : Coop
Players : 10
By : ?
4303 KB
31.08.2012 13:54:38
DayAfterStormUST2S.zipDayAfterStormUST2S by WRX_02_227

Coop mode:
-6 players
-50 VC (45 have US weapons)

DayAfterStorm story

"Gentlemen, you hit the Vietcong hard yesterday but they have brought in reinforcements while you slept last night. They have ambushed a Supply Truck and stolen all weapons and ammo on board. Your mission this morning is to re-take the base and stop the Vietcong from using our weapons. The boys on the front line need those weapons and ammo very bad.

ATG bombing mode:
-24 players
-US bombs mortar

Map features:
-No rain, thunder or fog
-Working mini-map

Hope everyone one enjoys this. Has some great AI too :-)

6140 KB
24.05.2004 07:31:26
DeathValleyUST2Sv2.zipDeathValleyUST2S created by WRX_02_227

Better make the time limit 60 minutes for this mission.

50 VC scattered throughout most of the map.

Some VC are well hidden, take it slow!
13763 KB
06.05.2004 03:52:54
deepitch.rarDeep Pitch

COOP mode only.

Author : Nikola Turajlic

16421 KB
06.01.2005 10:52:15
DeepPitchV2.rarDeep Pitch v2 by Nix

Map of the biggest scale, primarily built for cooperative game mode..

Game modes:

ATG (12pl.) Assault team game.

CTF (12pl.) Capture the flag.

Coop (10us vs. 54vc) Powered by JPV:)

DMC (12pl.) Death match classic.
Same as DM but you can select weapon at the beginning.
21404 KB
04.07.2006 16:35:53
DenCuai_VCCa.rarDen Cuai VCC a

Nice custom map by Shogun (

Mode : Coop pilot
Objective : find the pilot and escort him to extraction zone
Players : 10
13097 KB
31.08.2012 16:41:34
DesertDust.rarDesert Dust

some coop on some Dust map

map creator : ?
2716 KB
09.02.2012 12:09:50
Destruction_World.zipName: Destruction_World (winrar)
Size: 14.46 MT
Author: Terminator
Modes: Coop, CTF, TDM, DM
Maximum number of players: 32 (CTF), 8 (TDM, DM), 6 (Coop)
A small map consisting of two Basen, shelter, tunnel and a river, which separate the Basen. The map is settled in a close jungle.
File obtained from with thanks!

14803 KB
04.07.2006 16:34:35
Devilsbridge.zipGoooooookssss !!!!!!

=SFX= Devils Bridge (.rar file version dated 07.11.2004)

Map Name: Devils Bridge BETA
Version: 0.88b
Game Modes: CTF, RW, DM, TDM, COOP

Instructions: Unzip all files to (..\vietcong\maps\) folder and then run the game

Author: Luke Stafford A.K.A Phreakzoid

Copyright: 2003-2004 PTERODON, Ltd. | All Rights Reserved.
Please contact the author for distibution rights.

Known Bugs

- Water Splash @ Wrong range
- FirstPersonView - Mini Map does not work
- Kick for Speed Cheat if you fall to far

Report Bugs to

- Please Note: 'Devils Bridge' has been renamed to '=SFX= Devils Bridge' please remove and older versions of the files to avoid in game conflicts and crashes
25119 KB
04.07.2006 16:55:25
devilsrock.zipName: Devils Rock
Game Modes: coop, ctf
Author: | Luke Stafford
Description: Lost deep in the Vietnam jungle the Devils Rock is a place of mystery and intrigue. Riddled with NVA this is a real hot zone of activity. The US have established a vantage point for a LZ and things are about to get messy so keep your eye sharp and your head down!
Installation: Unzip the .zip file to your Vietcong2\Maps folder.

This map is included in the full package of Fist Bravo add-on for Vietcong 2.
48896 KB
16.10.2006 18:54:40
DezertRatz.rarThe end of my Desert experiment

Coop only

10 players
54 VC

10710 KB
04.07.2006 16:38:04
de_DUST2_DLX.rarOVERVIEW MAP_20081109181838.jpg"This is the final version of de_dust2 i have added coop and tdmc and some details, corrected bugs and perfected the ingame map added cords to it for more strategic game play. The coop is for up to 6 players agains 40 vc bots devided in 4 groups with medics, you will easy spot the medics i have used the vc girl as medic.
The map now suports: ATG, ATG-Bomb, TDMC, DMC, Colt, CTF, COOP."

Map edited by Float.
21352 KB
09.11.2008 18:18:38
----- Deadfast's GlassHouse version 1 -----

About: DF-GlassHouse is my first map, so please be broad to possible bugs.

Bugs: - In one hole You have a little problem to get out. Don't panic - You can get out of there if You gonna stick
to wall.
- Spawns near PPS-43 are rotated other way than they shold be. I don't know what to do with that - It seems
to be OK in editor.
- Found more big bugs ? You can report it to this e-mail:

Game modes: - DM
- ATG-BombUS (US side have to place bomb)
- ATG-BombVC (VC side have to place bomb)

Instalation: Just unpack "DF-GlassHouse_v1.cbf" and "DF-GlassHouse_v1.dat to your "*\Vietcong\maps" folder.

- with big thanks to TommyBones for usefull help.
896 KB
14.08.2006 02:17:03
DivisionUST2S.zipDivisionUST2S created by Raptor {D}

This is a pretty hard map. Very foggy and nice lighting.

Supports COOP only.

6 players

58 VC

Has two different spawn areas. Some at the very bottom and some in the middle.

Raptor hopes everyone likes it. Enjoy!
11068 KB
03.06.2004 06:51:00
DjoseCanyon.zipDjoseCanyon by Kyber

Coop mode only.
2826 KB
04.07.2006 16:37:02
Dont Try This At Home1.wmvDont Try This At Home - Part 134020 KB
12.05.2004 14:39:01
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