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Filename Description Size Category Date
Thunder_Don_Toccoa_win.wmvToccoa leads Don "The Pilot" Turtuma to the LZ
from the Meat Grinder Special of 02 04 04
4956 KB
04.04.2004 15:34:53
ArroyoXtremeUST2S.zipArroyoXtremeUST2S by WRX_02_227

The first map that I ever did Coop for was Arroyo, needed an improved version..and here it is. I love Arroyo because with all the cover to hide behind and move to, it is great for a good firefight.

Supports Coop only!

- 10 player Coop support

- VC have different weapons and skins (my original were all black pajamas and AK-47s)

- WRX's new AI coding

- Better AI movement

- And last but not least... a few twists and tricks...but you have to find those yourself ;-)

4996 KB
29.06.2004 07:36:20
mooncamp.zipMoon Camp
Supported modes: ATG CTF RW
5006 KB
12.08.2006 23:24:10
AGU_STREAM.rar12 Player Co-op map
51 VC

You are pursuing a group of NVA down stream. In the back of your mind you know this is going to lead to an ambush.
5010 KB
04.07.2006 16:27:52
[jpv]streamvcbeta2.zip10 player co-op map.

Mission objectives:
- Coop mode: Kill all US.
- CoopTarget mode: Kill the pilot.
5026 KB
04.07.2006 16:15:37[JPV] Tet Offensive source code for the Vietcong editor

To download the actual working map ([JPV] Tet Offensive Beta 3) click here.
5033 KB
30.12.2004 12:55:18
VET_RADIORELAY.rarFist Alpha mission is to defend a critical communications post. Vc have sacked nearby firebases in the first week of the TET offensive and intel says they are heading this way. Your mission is to defend this vital communicatios post and keep you and your team alive. Teamwork is a must to complete this mission. Keep your head down when you start this as the VC have already begun their attack. One Life, One Mission, Good Luck!

10 Elite US players vs. 51 viscious attacking VC.

Compliments of the VietnamEliteTeamworkMapEditingTeam[VETMET]

5059 KB
20.02.2006 06:41:48
renamed_1RFrontline.zipFixed version of [1R]Frontline for the [1R]Map pack.

5065 KB
Map packs
04.07.2006 16:35:09
VET_STREAM.rarUpdate 21/1/05

Custom Map : VET_STREAM.rar
Author : VETMET (VietnamEliteTeamwork MapEditingTeam)

With thanks and appreciation from the Vietcong coop communities.

5105 KB
22.03.2005 17:28:23

new Coop map played online

map creator : ?
5119 KB
09.02.2012 14:07:00
ThreecanyonsVcUST2S.zipThreecanyonsVcUST2S by Raptor {D}

This is Raptors first play as VC map.

Supports Coop mode only.

- 10 players

- 54 VC

Hope you enjoy it :-)
5235 KB
15.06.2004 07:14:00
STREETVILLE.rarcoop version of =A=STREET.

Edited by Dominik.
5295 KB
11.06.2009 05:34:50

Players : 10
Mode : coop

have fun
5316 KB
28.08.2012 14:28:12
bc-arroyo_vc-beta2.zipDescription: A coop conversion of the Arroyo map in which you play the side of the vietnamese.

Fog and weather settings have been changed to add more atmosphere.

Features include: Random spawning of AI, objectives display, "Real Coop" mode (players have only one life in whole team mode), and the flash light works.

Produced by Brisbane's Coops - so assume scripting by Perdurabo?

5364 KB
04.07.2006 16:36:49
G_ULTRA50.rarCoop map by Gonzo5391 KB
17.09.2012 18:16:03

Some coop map that is played online

map creator : VV
5416 KB
09.02.2012 11:42:54
(TRX)TakeBack.zipThis COOP mission is based on the multiplayer 'Radio Relay' scenario.

U.S. Air Mobile units must launch an all-out assault on the strategically-important radio relay installation which has been overrun by the VC. The base must be recaptured at all costs.

Credits: Thanks to Avenger and Disease for their creative input to this map.
5423 KB
(TRL) / (TRX)
09.10.2007 22:14:00
ThreecanyonsNightUST2S.zipThreecanyonsNightUST2S by Raptor {D}

Supports COOP mode only.

-10 Players

-54 VC

It's dark and hard but very cool. Just have to have your team take it SLOW
5465 KB
15.06.2004 07:07:09
RisingSun_VET_KHOTHAN.rarVCK's MOD single player version we have converted to Coop. The supply truck has been ambushed at the dam, and we cannot afford to lose the precious cargo to the Vietcong. Take your Elite team of soldiers and wipe out all VC and recover the supplies. Good luck!

10 US players vs. 43 Vietcong

5478 KB
31.07.2005 04:40:34

Coop version for Red Terror's classic by Exper

Players : 10
5517 KB
02.09.2012 01:16:08
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