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Filename Description Size Category Date
tdmc.cTDMC script, based on the TDM example script from the Vietcong SDK.

The difference to the normal TDM is that players can choose their weapons and weapons placed on the map are disabled.
6 KB
09.07.2005 14:30:49
Terrains.rarSome Terrains I found on the net4224 KB
30.05.2004 13:44:40
Tex Overlays.rarTexOverlays.rar

Here is a compilation of the overlays which can be used to spice up your terrains in Photoshop/3dsmax or any other texture editing program. I hope these help you make some great maps.

Rick (Chavez_US)
19726 KB
17.05.2008 21:40:25
Tiroliene script.rarTirolienne script

author : [SGC] Xeron
5 KB
17.09.2012 00:29:46
TMG-CoopTest.7zTest level utilizing the scripts found in inc\tmg. There's a lot of weird and fun stuff going on. :)

THIS IS NOT A WORKING LEVEL TO USE IN THE GAME!!! If you're not interested in VC1 editing there's no point in downloading this. :)

- Don
2071 KB
19.02.2009 20:45:18
TMG-ScriptPackv1.7zMost of the scripts that I've made for VC1, you can use these as you like, just give me credits.

Extract to Vietcong\dev\compiler\inc

- Don
90 KB
21.02.2009 09:59:45
VariousScripts.rarVarious Scripts

Here are all of the scripts i could find in my External Hard Drives:

Scripts included are:
Capture the Eggs script
SQ-Baker Scripts
Mounted Weapons
Video of Weapons in COOP (Obies Video)
and a few extras (Vietcong history and a music file)

This took me 1.5 hours to gather, i hope it helps whoever is interested in making new content for the glorious game of Vietcong...

Rick (Chavez_US) Co-founder VietnamEliteTeamwork (VET)
41627 KB
22.02.2009 21:39:07
VCSkinTutorial_en.pdfTutorial for new Vietcong skins by [VCK]Mike944 KB
10.09.2004 18:46:15
This is a script that I've converted from the original coop.c script, it allows players to play coop as VC.

This is not the script that I use on my maps, so there's no fancy stuff like AI allies, AI patrols, LZ end rule, Assassination mode etc.
3 KB
01.06.2004 19:26:33
vc_script_sdk096.zipVietcong Scripting SDK v0.96 including Coop!260 KB
30.04.2004 15:59:16

This is a collection of all of the skytops i have aquired over the last few years. Most of them were from the SGC website, which has been re-done, and the links for these skytops do not exist they are availiable here!....Thanks Don T.

Rick (Chavez_US)

Co-founder of

39174 KB
07.03.2008 04:39:57
WaterIFLPack.rarCreating IFL's in 3dsmax tutorial and several texture folders with textures for doing them...

Compliments of Chavez_US/Chavez

Visit our website at your convenience
4567 KB
16.12.2005 07:21:22
WCXplugin.rarThis plugin allows the Editors to get the proper files from the packed .cbf formats in the maps folder

This is required to make VC1 maps into VC2 maps...

Place this extracted file into your root Total Commander folder

18 KB
16.12.2006 17:37:47
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