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Filename Description Size Category Date
MG_VietnambetaATG240404.wmvScenes of the ATG Night of 24 04 04
taken on Vietnambeta Map
21426 KB
27.04.2004 17:34:11
MG_Run_Pilot_Run_240404.wmvScenes of the ATG Night of 24 04 04
taken on Cambodia Map
19527 KB
28.04.2004 14:36:31
VC2_mpbetatesting_teaser_low_res.aviA video showing some action from the last Vietcong 2 multiplayer beta testing session.

DivX format, low resolution.
19894 KB
26.04.2006 14:00:55
TMG4YearsBirthdayParty.wmvThe Meat Grinder 4 Years Birthday Party

Here are some pictures and clips that I recorded at the TMGs birthday party.

Thanks Rev.Charlie for the group photo!

I apologize for the format (wmv). If you are unable to view the video because it's in wmv format, you can also see it in YouTube by clicking the link below:

YouTube version of this video

22436 KB
18.03.2008 00:14:45
VET_OPERATION_UTAH.rarVETOperationUtah001_20230312021056.jpgVET OPERATION UTAH

Custom map created by Chavez_US 3*10*2023
12US vs 50VC

Mission: Eliminate all VC.
8186 KB
12.03.2023 19:05:08
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