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Filename Description Size Category Date
FreakedOutAIVietcong.rarA while ago I hade this freaked out VC bot while testing out some stuff ...
Take a look
19909 KB
30.06.2006 15:05:55
FRENCHROUTE.rarFrenchRouteVC2_20120318172905.jpgLevel folder for French Route VC2. (By Luke and Andy from Indiglow)

Here is the level folder for French Route. This contains a flying helicopter which does loops through the mission, and crew members can be on-board firing a mounted M60 at the VC on the terrain.

You will have to open this map in your editor, and also open the scipting files associated with the copter to see how it all works...

Rick (Chavez_US)

18455 KB
18.03.2012 17:29:05
frenchroute.zipName: French Route
Game modes: coop, ctf
Author: | Luke Stafford
Description: NVA have swarmed back into the trenches and tunnels that oer look the fallen bridge. Despite heavy bombing the NVA are well dug in. Time to take a sweeper team through here.
Installation: Unzip the .zip file to your Vietcong2\Maps folder.

This map is included in the full package of Fist Bravo add-on for Vietcong 2.
36487 KB
16.10.2006 18:48:55
FrenchRouteStormUST2S.zipFrenchRouteStormUST2S by WRX_02_227

This is basically the same map as my previous FrenchRoute but it has...

- Falling rain

- Rain and thunder sounds

- 10 player support for Coop

- Better AI

- Better AI movement

-35 VC

Also supports ATG Pilot for 24 people
8389 KB
29.06.2004 07:25:59
FrenchRouteUST2Sv2FINAL.zipFrenchRouteUST2Sv2FINAL created by WRX_02_227

This is the updated final version. I really hope everyone likes it.

Game type support:

Coop mode for 6 players, with 35 "smarter" VC.

ATG bombing mode for 24 players.

The bomb must be placed in the "old French tower bunker"

This version was tested for days running both COOP and ATG. Couldn't find any bugs. I took my time and really made this one pretty good I think and the testers think so too.
6049 KB
09.05.2004 07:59:46
frontier-coop-patch.exeFrontier MP map coop patch.
Install into Vietcong folder!
439 KB
04.07.2006 17:00:22
frontier.exeFrontier MP map
Install into Vietcong\Maps folder!

Remember to grab the COOP PATCH too!
25421 KB
04.07.2006 16:34:56
Fun_at_the_lake.wmv11 mad bastards having a spot of fun at the Lake

Re-uploaded due to the old version finishing early.
17745 KB
19.06.2004 14:23:21
Ghost_Trail_Beta2.rarGhost Trail Beta 2

Authors : Hotdog, Curandero, Shogun
Mode : Coop
Players : 10
VC : 104
31995 KB
18.09.2012 11:48:02
girls.zipVC 2 Girl Mod
made by John Hannibal Smith

Changes :
-play as girls
-a little more blood
-changed some of the class and weapon properties

You can only play on servers using the mod.
or you can host your own

Install instructions inside

enjoy ... I did :D
1146 KB
26.04.2006 14:00:21
GKA-PrisonEscape_VC.rarGKA - Prison Escape VC

Author : *GKA*Ghost
Mode : Coop VC
Players : 10
23916 KB
02.09.2012 01:31:12
GM Last man at Old Temple.wmvSee Green Monkey as the last man at Old Temple fightin for his life21144 KB
21.04.2004 11:43:48

coop custom map that is played online

map creator : ?
29391 KB
09.02.2012 11:39:08
goodday-vietcongcoop-01_byGM.avithis is my first tribute to the world of coop.
time will show, if there will be a sequel.

worth notice:
this movie is based uppon ingame footage ONLY.
NO external audio or video was added!
everything you hear .. or see .. was perceivable on the servers.

i only took the freedom to cut and mix it up a bit ... add some video or audio from one scene to another scene .. and so on ..

i hope you enjoy this movie as much as i do ..
thnx for downloading
yours ... 1.Lt Tomas "green monkey" duMort
52281 KB
26.07.2005 15:07:39
groudzero.zipGroundZero by Phreakzoid.

CTF, ATG, ATG-Strike, ATG-Rescue 28 players : 2 Teams of 14 compete to capture the enemies flag....
12499 KB
04.07.2006 16:51:01
GW Nang.rarGW NANG

Players : 10
Mode : Coop
Map : GW

Good map on the riverdale terrain
32835 KB
30.08.2012 10:13:11
GW Undergrounds.rarGW Undergrounds

Map by GW clan

Mode : Coop
Players : 10

Good tunnel map
26544 KB
30.08.2012 10:19:35
GW_Airport_Attacke.rarGW AIRPORT ATTACKE

Mode : Coop
Players : 10

Map by GerWars
17586 KB
02.09.2012 01:43:31

Players : 10
Mode : coop
Map : GerWars
14834 KB
31.08.2012 14:11:30
GW_GooksStream.rarGW Gooks Stream

Map : GerWars
Players : 10
Mode : Coop
34132 KB
13.09.2012 18:51:47
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