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Mode : Coop (with objective)
Players : 6 max
VC : 51
Mission : escort the pilot to the extraction zone, if he gets killed, all the team dies and the map restarts.
Map creator : =SEF= clan
Coop mode : Exper
Scripts : Shogun with [JPV]XXX scripts
Status : very stable

"Taking my retreat from VC game and Ptero-Engine, thanks to all the players i've met, you made this great."
16688 KB
16.02.2012 21:39:33
BFCreator.zipCreates CBF archives. Try this if the Total Commander plugin won't work.34 KB
26.12.2010 16:23:19
VC1 map converted for VC2
coop - playable
19238 KB
15.06.2007 17:18:14
bigvalley_v1.rarBigvalley v1
VC1 map converted for VC2
coop- playable
13356 KB
15.06.2007 17:01:41
bloodriver.zipName: Blood River
Game modes: coop, ctf
Author: | Andrew Forster
Description: High in the dark mountain jungle death is never far away and the river runs red with the blood of fallen comrades.
Installation: Unzip the .zip file to your Vietcong2\Maps folder.

This map is included in the full package of Fist Bravo add-on for Vietcong 2.
46112 KB
16.10.2006 18:47:55
bonez_freakshow1.rarMy 1st one man Movie.
Smash Sumthn
18851 KB
22.03.2004 14:45:00
bonez_freakshow2.rarU wonder why Im still Private ?
Well ... heres the reason
23068 KB
23.03.2004 15:03:24
BrokenAlphaBeta.zipName: BrokenAlphaBeta1.2

Size: 10,7 MB

Author: vatu

Mod's: ATGB, CTF, TDM, DM, Coop

Number of players : 32 (CTF), 16 (ATGB), 8 (TDM, DM, Coop)

Description : The Map contains a jungle with some hills and rocks as well as a few tunnels. The Handmap is included.
There are two little camps in the jungle wich can be reached in 2 different ways for CTF.
There are some ruins in the US-camp and at the VC-flag is a nice fancy trenches
The vegetation isn't very thick. Logs and bushes all over the place that decorate the scenery.
This map is still BETA and includes a few Gamebugs, but they dont cause any errors in gameplay.
It is running on slower PCs with good FPS!
The handmap looks like one of the "real" ONE, as it was made from Pterodon.
The mediumsized map runs even on slower computers quite fast with good FPS!
Conclusion: The first open beta does look very good. Everyone should had played this map ;)

11035 KB
04.07.2006 16:47:39

Last update of the map by Hotdog and Shogun
12186 KB
01.09.2012 19:21:29

Presentation :
After Intrusion, BrownWater is the second custom map I created with a very strong "Vietnam look"...
BrownWater has nothing really "special" but I can garantee you a very immersive mission in a deathfull Mekong Delta! ;)

The mission :
October 12th, 1967, 15:00. Fist Alpha has been sent to the South Vietnam to help the US Navy in its Brown Water War. We were patroling onboard 2 Boston Whalers till the water level became too low and obstructed by trees. We now have to continue on foot...

Modes :
The "classic one" we all know, with...
-Addition of extra weapons (they will depend of the mission)!
-The weapons will disappear if you drop them on the ground but...
-Extra weapons will reappear.

The "classic one" we all know but...
-WITHOUT the extra weapons!
-The weapons WON'T disappear if you drop them on the ground!
-Kills and Deaths are hidden by pressing the "TAB" key.

This "mode" is the Coop one but without the vc bots; ideal to "discover" the map, set tactics, take screenshots or...whatever!
In this mode, don't use the whole team as the respawn method or avoid to die (no respawn)!

Map specifications :
-US players: 8
-VC bots: 55
-Modes: Coop, Coop', Discovery
-Extra weapons: YES
-Ammoboxes: 6 (ON/OFF)
-Skins by default: YES (original, with stripes)
-VC + FA compatible only (1.60 patch)!

-Read me file included.
-Date of release: 01/01/20


21583 KB
05.01.2020 18:11:32
BS_CraccoJampa.wmvDedicated to my Friends =BS= CraccoMan and =BS= Jamp@Joker

Maps: IndianCountry
Match from 1" Cong-Force Italian Trophy Cup
Clan: =BS= vs Ali3nz

Encoded with Canopus ProCoder in .WMV
31194 KB
29.09.2004 02:52:46
BS_Massacro.wmvDedicated to my Friend =BS= Massacro

Maps: IndianCountry
Match from 1" Cong-Force Italian Trophy Cup
Clan: =BS= vs Ali3nz

Encoded with Canopus ProCoder in .WMV
32147 KB
29.09.2004 05:38:54
BunkerHell.zipBunkerHell finalised.

Map maker: Kyber.

Bloody tough map!

58 VC who come looking for you! And they have damned good eyes too!

Nice use of tracers.

Don't try it solo on Vietnam setting - I found it tough to even get possitive stats - but I always did (just) - Cosmic Cat was on fire on the map!
19185 KB
04.07.2006 16:49:12
bunkerhell[beta].rarBunkerhell (BETA)

Author: Kyber

File obtained from :


One to try.

9513 KB
04.07.2006 16:49:45
Burn Fat with Green Monkey.wmvFor all YOU fat Computerkiddies
Burn Fat in 10min with Green Monkey
10808 KB
10.05.2004 15:45:32
Burn_more_fat_with_GM.wmvGreen Monkey lets us in on the second installment of his keep-fit routine.

So, while Turk orders pizza, Alin goes for a smoke and everyone else sits on their fat arses trying to figure out how to add a map to the mllist, Monkeyboy gets down to some HARD training!
13983 KB
31.05.2004 19:17:17
cambodia.rarCambodia converted from VC1, small, less gooks, but real dangerous, they are hiding and camping close to their camp.
Find all gooks!
38461 KB
23.02.2007 21:29:18
Cambodia_UST2S.zipUST2S Cambodia map

Modded: by Cowboy 9/15/04

Scripting: by WRX_02_227

Modeling help: Vietcommando (A regular 3DsMax Di'Vinchi)

Average FPS: 20 to 45

Size: 17MB

Coop Support only!

Teams: US 10, VC 52

Special Ai: Super sniper ("I been hit!" Bodybag!), Crazy VC (Look out, he's comming right at us!), and Tuffman VC (OMG, I dumped a whole clip into that @3& 7#%&3$!).

Easter eggs: yes (don't expect much)

Bugs: you tell me. PM Cowboy at

Hope you enjoy the map.
17408 KB
17.09.2004 12:20:44
Cambodia_UST2S_AMB.zipCambodia_UST2S_AMB map (Ambiance)

Re-Modded: by Cowboy 10/12/04

Scripting: by WRX_02_227 & Cowboy

Modeling help: Vietcommando

Average FPS: 20 to 45 (this all depends on your machine)

Size: 18MB

Teams: US 10, VC 53

Special Ai: Super sniper ("I been hit!" Body bag!), Crazy VC (Look out, he's coming right at us!), and Tuff man VC (OMG, I dumped a whole clip into that #%&3*!).

Easter eggs: yes

Bugs: you tell me. PM Cowboy at (This is the final version and no update will be made unless I made a big mistake somewhere.)

*Updated map setting: This is the same map as the Cambodia_UST2S the only changes are...
1. The Ambiance lighting effects from the white/gray fog (I had some people saying it looked like snow was all around them.).
2. A few more waypoints for the Ai to run around to. Nothing much but they can get to some more empty zones, and moved some starting placments of the Ai.
3. The Jap skull has been updated.
4. Sunk some trees and brush that was above ground.
5. The lower ladder has been fixed for easyer access.
6. Tree sniper will not jump out anymore. (I hope)
6. OK I have got a few replys that the Ai is just to darn easy, so I have improved on there abliltys to dish it out more! (OMG! We'll will never win... Oh yes you will, it just takes team work!) OK, OK just 2 of them have been updated because they just looked at you and did nothing, now they are bezerker mad men ready to die for there country... and they will.

Hope you enjoy this updated map. Remember tactics are the key to success in this map, a "Rambo" will die in seconds!

Beta testers: WRXs, Raptor, Themaster, Liveround, DJ, Viet, Capt. Gray, Spookey, [LaG]M0dding, and a whole lot more... again.

I learned alot while making this Mod and gained some skills I didn't have before, and just wanted to thank the VC community in helping me along the way.

and remember "Let he who harms the dead get the boot!"

UST2S, Cowboy and the rest involved with making this map accept no responsibility if the warning is not headed.
If you do decide to disrespect the dead warrior and something occurs, just say "no".
17655 KB
13.10.2004 09:29:11
CAMDANG-FINAL.rarVET_CAMDANG.bmpThe US convoy came upon a fortified temple. Re-sucure the temple at CAMDANG.

10 US special forces vs. 52 Vietcong

Map creator: Unknown (Good job to whoever created this)
Map edited by VET_ChavezUS
31788 KB
23.07.2023 16:48:10
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