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----- Deadfast's GlassHouse version 1 -----

About: DF-GlassHouse is my first map, so please be broad to possible bugs.

Bugs: - In one hole You have a little problem to get out. Don't panic - You can get out of there if You gonna stick
to wall.
- Spawns near PPS-43 are rotated other way than they shold be. I don't know what to do with that - It seems
to be OK in editor.
- Found more big bugs ? You can report it to this e-mail:

Game modes: - DM
- ATG-BombUS (US side have to place bomb)
- ATG-BombVC (VC side have to place bomb)

Instalation: Just unpack "DF-GlassHouse_v1.cbf" and "DF-GlassHouse_v1.dat to your "*\Vietcong\maps" folder.

- with big thanks to TommyBones for usefull help.
896 KB
14.08.2006 02:17:03
This mod was developed initially address the problem the M79, RPG 7, M16/ XM148 and LAW cause on a game, namely a lot of spamming. It does this by removing the LAW from the basic Infantry class and only allowing the more experienced Marine/ Soldier/ Commando access to it. It also removes the M79, RPG 7 and M16/ XM148 from the Marine/ Soldier and Commando classes and only allows it access to the Grenadier/ VC Grenadier classes. These can then easily be limited or removed using the class limiter mutator. So if you want you can have a server without these weapons. The only weapon you will have is the LAW which the Marine/ Soldier can choose, but if you have rpg mode on only experienced players will be able to choose it.
When I had completed these changes I then also went on to make a lot more changes designed to make the game more realistic, these are all listed below.
It is worth noting that when the editor is released I will do a new version that removes the vehicles I added. This is because they have overwritten the M48 and T34 tank files, so when someone designs a map with these vehicles if played through this mod the vehicles will be the M113 APC and P403 Pickup respectively.

Please see readme for installation instructions and list of changes.
8248 KB
26.04.2006 13:57:37
Meatgrinder_Night_27_04_part2.rar38627 KB
29.03.2004 18:03:59
MG Ganja Land Stuff.wmv19527 KB
19.04.2004 16:04:00
VET_BENTREDUX.rarscreen07_20070305061017.jpg A REDUX OF VET BENTRE


20279 KB
05.03.2007 06:10:17
VET_KHENUI.rar"Deep in the jungle ravine you will find heavy enemy resistance. Itelligence suggests there is an ammo cache in the area. See if you can locate it before the VC escape with it. Good Luck!"

12 player coop. 52 enemy VC.


As the mission details suggest there is an ammo cache to be found, this is not true. Intelligence is wrong.
14052 KB
21.07.2009 01:39:34
HalongRainV2.rar"Halong Port in rain with new US Player tiger camo skins..."

6 Player COOP. 39 VC AI.

Map edited by Dominik.
6581 KB
02.11.2008 03:50:45
hai_lang.rarhailang_20081122043534.jpg"My vc2 map is done.

Its including COOP_VC (first time in vc2) and COOP_US with randomly used AI vehicle animations.(every time you start the game its choosing randomly vehicle animation from 12 animations)
So the coop is bit different every time.

I was copying some parts from other maps and change those. Thought before that its good idea but it wasn't. Example one village is from Frontier and the houses was full of useless faces and texture bugs.
The other parts of map is created quite easily and its bit empty because I want good FPS.

So you can rate my work and give me suitable job.
Don't be to hard, its my second full size map and I am still learning."

Map created by Ando.
38668 KB
22.11.2008 04:46:13
de_DUST2_DLX.rarOVERVIEW MAP_20081109181838.jpg"This is the final version of de_dust2 i have added coop and tdmc and some details, corrected bugs and perfected the ingame map added cords to it for more strategic game play. The coop is for up to 6 players agains 40 vc bots devided in 4 groups with medics, you will easy spot the medics i have used the vc girl as medic.
The map now suports: ATG, ATG-Bomb, TDMC, DMC, Colt, CTF, COOP."

Map edited by Float.
21352 KB
09.11.2008 18:18:38
LangHoangHon.rar"U.S intelligence reports a hidden tunnel complex near a village. Be careful for there is a reason to believe this area contains NVA Regulars. Good luck."

10 player COOP. 51 VC AI.

Map made by Tomcat777.
18298 KB
03.11.2008 01:43:59
VET_JUNGLEPOINT.rar"You are part of an Elite Team of 10, hand picked for a mission to destroy an enemy base. Your primary target is a NVA Colonel, he is to be terminated. He is located deep within the base. Good luck with this as you will be under heavy mortar fire on your approach."

10 player COOP. 52 VC AI.

Map edited by {SAS}OZ with VETMET (Vietnam Elite Teamwork Map Editing Team).
20505 KB
03.11.2008 02:02:28

Found on the VC Upload Center.
9056 KB
(TRL) / (TRX)
04.07.2006 16:50:52
(wf)oscity.rar(WF) OsCity

Players : 10
VC : 51

Map by (WF) clan
5785 KB
28.08.2012 15:11:22
(wf)pyramide.rar(WF) Pyramide

Players : 10
VC : 51

Map by (WF) clan
2962 KB
28.08.2012 15:03:52
(wf)spacestation1.rar(WF) SpaceStation 1

Mode : coop
VC : 53
Players : 10

Map by (WF) clan
3770 KB
28.08.2012 15:16:06
(wf)starwarsMaze.rar(WF) StarWarsMaze

Players : 10
VC : 52
Mode : coop

Map by (WF) clan
4184 KB
28.08.2012 15:13:24
(wf)Trenches.rar(wf) Trenches

map creator : (wf) Warface
3484 KB
09.02.2012 21:54:00
(wf)trenchwar.rar(WF) TrenchWar

Players : 10
Mode : coop
VC : 52

Map by (WF) clan
1709 KB
28.08.2012 15:09:27

custom map by (wf) Warface
12187 KB
09.02.2012 21:52:33

nice custom coop map

map creator : (wf) Warface
3866 KB
09.02.2012 21:49:27
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