Strange pile of gooks up in the air 2 / 18.03.2008 20:03:39 Osmo
While playing VET_BENTRE and browsing through the dead US guys, when I got up to Private Paula's body, he was up in the air covered with a pile of gooks. Weird :)

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19.03.2008 18:33:44 by XxX
looks like a vietnames gang bang ... thought such pics are prohibit ... ?!? ;)

21.03.2008 01:17:06 by Obie
I have seen this before in SFX Combat arena.
I only see it whe I join after a lot of them have already been killed and also not everytime.

21.03.2008 13:13:15 by 6blackravens
hi Obie long time no hear ??
btw that happens on SFX combat arena when u camp and wait for em to keep coming around the same corner and kill em all, lol

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