A perfect round in VET_ATTLEBORO. / 21.06.2006 00:28:43 Osmo
Team Leader: Lerner.

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21.06.2006 08:51:40 by Don Turtuma
Great job guys! It ain't easy to get a perfect round on Attleboro. :)

30.06.2006 13:35:19 by Bandit-Hawk
first time I played this map but by the great leading of lerner and Osmo(team leader team2) we made it!!

03.07.2006 05:02:43 by Osmo
Yep, it needs a full team of good teamplayers and a leader with a good plan (Lerner's plan worked perfectly).

23.07.2006 01:55:15 by Pvt. Joker
yep, that's what it has to look like! no one got killed :D

01.08.2006 19:58:39 by Lerner
No sweat at all that day, great show guys!

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