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Filenamede_DUST2_DLX.rar (621) Download Link to file
Size21352 KB
Uploaded09.11.2008 18:18:38 / Solar
Downloads1303 / 14.04.2022 22:08:06
Description"This is the final version of de_dust2 i have added coop and tdmc and some details, corrected bugs and perfected the ingame map added cords to it for more strategic game play. The coop is for up to 6 players agains 40 vc bots devided in 4 groups with medics, you will easy spot the medics i have used the vc girl as medic.
The map now suports: ATG, ATG-Bomb, TDMC, DMC, Colt, CTF, COOP."

Map edited by Float.


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11.11.2008 05:52:36 by DARKYAUTJA
Very nice map !! thx !! keep vietcong alive !! this game still rock !!!

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