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Alpha Team [AT]
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Uploaded07.10.2009 23:00:11 / AT
Downloads614 / 03.12.2021 15:08:36
Coop map for VC1 created by Vaclav, Alpha Team,

This is a new version of [AT]Cutthroat_Base map.

Map was optimized for better fps (but don't expect an extreme rising).

Map is a remake of Saville_v2(beta) map by Leopard[RR]. Original map is very interesting but it is without coop mode. I have thought this map also would deserve coop mode.
Improvements compared to original:
Some new walls, new objects (entering tower at the respawn points, prison, toilets, shower room, kitchen, commander office, etc.)
Added new uniform skin.
New skins for M16, Sten and M60 (for FPV and 3rdPV too).

Your team has just descended into the second perimeter of "cutthroat base", which is a secret mountain camp of elite NVA fighters. Now you have to get into the middle of the base through an underground corridor to eliminate all the NVA cutthroats.

10 players
53 VCs


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